Code of Conduct

1. Aim of the code of conduct

Our business policy requires compliance with principles of conduct with which both our shareholders and our employees identify. To this end, we have drawn up the Code of Conduct to set out in binding form our requirements and principles, in particular regarding compliance with ethical standards, applicable law and integrity.

All employees and all those working on behalf of Futura Solutions, as well as subcontractors, are required to comply with the Code of Conduct, regardless of where and in which area of activity they work.

2. Social responsibility

We are convinced that assuming social responsibility is an essential factor for the sustainable success of a company and thus an indispensable component of value-oriented corporate management. In particular, we are guided by universally valid ethical values and principles such as integrity, righteousness and human dignity. Against this background, we make the following commitments:

Child labor

We outlaw child labor and do not use children and young people to achieve our economic goals. Their health and safety must never be called into question. We comply with and respect the relevant laws.

Health protection

We observe compliance with occupational safety and health protection within the framework of the regulations for the benefit of our employees.

Working time

We observe compliance with regulations and agreements on working hours and adhere to applicable national law.


We ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Salary / Remuneration

We respect and guarantee compliance with the respective current Minimum Wage Act.

Fair and respectful working conditions

We promote interaction between employees in such a way that it is characterized by mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Freedom of expression

We respect the right to freedom of expression and opinion.


We respect and honor privacy.

Solidary conduct

We are actively committed to the advancement of society and also encourage our employees to act in this spirit.

Forced labor

We refrain from forced labor in any form.

Data protection and information security

We protect personal data and we ensure IT and data security in the design and execution of all IT-supported business processes both for the protection of personal rights and privacy as well as for information security.

Protecting our advance in knowledge

We protect the trade secrets so that they cannot be passed to third parties.

Fair competition

We are committed to competition by fair means and to compliance with applicable trade laws.

Integrity in business transactions

We reject corruption and bribery and do not tolerate this behavior.

Principle of sustainability

We act in the spirit of environmental protection and human health and safety.

Compliance with the law

We respect and comply with the legal framework to which we are committed.

Cooperation in dealing with authorities

We maintain a cooperative relationship with the authorities.

3. Signatory

Hartmut Schwadtke
Managing Director of Futura Solutions GmbH

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