We think in terms of processes first
and after that we consider the IT functions

Futura Solutions

Since 1997, Futura Solutions has been developing and operating innovative software solutions with the intention to connect people and their work processes. We combine our extensive experience in developing cloud-based services and their safe operation with a deep SAP-expertise.

More than 60,000 users worldwide are working with FUTURA® applications, which by now occupy a market-leading position in many industries. As a modular cloud-based application, FUTURA® keeps up the workflows around planning, purchasing and invoicing, when SAP is reaching its limits. Medium-sized companies as well as 20 percent of the DAX30 companies belong to our clients for whom we are opening up new potentials with our applications.

Our values

Paving the way – setting standards


Company history – our roots

More than 20 years Futura Solutions – From a digital construct towards a workflow engine 

Our Vision

How will our workplace look like in the future? What part will digitization play in it?

Cloud model

Comfort and Security in the Cloud – made and hosted in Germany

Always one step ahead

We are the “security operation center” for our clients

All interconnected stakeholders expect constant availability and a confidential treatment of their data and information. We comply with anything IT-security requires and we do so with the highest possible awareness, at all levels of our company.

  • Comprehensive ISO-certification The security of IT-systems and digital infrastructures are becoming increasingly important. The basic concepts of confidentiality, integrity and availability –the core values of ISO/IEC 27001 by which Futura Solutions is certified – also play a central role in the German IT-Security Act and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, effective as of May 2018.
  • Alliances and activities for cybersecurity Besides helping to interlink employees, cloud-based applications also facilitate the flow of information, minimize intra-company barriers and store knowledge centrally – cybersecurity is therefore becoming increasingly important and a cause Futura Solutions is advocating as a network member.

Are you seeking progress opportunities for your next steps on the career ladder? You want to assume responsibility, have basic or profound SAP-skills, enjoy a high degree of freedom of choice and feel at home within structures of a medium-sized company? If you do so, we are looking forward to meeting you.


Latest news at a glance

First follow-up audit after the ISO re-certification in 2019: In addition to the monitoring of the information security management system (ISMS), close intersections with new approaches in IT organization, which Futura Solutions is going pursue in 2020, have also been discussed.

Wiesbaden, February 2020

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