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Solution Paper
Think new, implement smart - our consulting approach

How we lead companies from the analysis of existing structures as well as processes and existing software solutions to the development of target processes and the best-practice solution concept.

Service procurement with SAP - without working in SAP

Seamless document chain in SAP and digital consistency in the processes of service procurement - with particular strength in the handling of multi-level service specifications and the GAEB data exchange format.

Trend study: Procurement of complex services

Where do companies stand in their digitalization process for service procurement? How are they tackling the challenges that arise in the procurement of complex services in particular? Where are the key levers for the future?

FUTURA® in the e-tendering process

How a two-stage procurement process can be designed in a legally secure manner in the context of e-procurement and the conclusions reached by the legal review on the applicability of FUTURA in the e-procurement process.

Webinar Procurement Complex Services with SAP S/4HANA
  • What will change when moving to S/4HANA in terms of service procurement
  • How workarounds in the sourcing of complex services are finally a thing of the past
  • The benefits of a consistent focus on SAP as the digital core

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