What is SAP Digital Core procurement?

With the Digital Core approach, SAP addresses the need to control processes end-to-end – across departmental and company boundaries. As the Digital Core, SAP S/4HANA forms the technological basis for all business processes. In terms of purchasing and procurement, we convert this into the concept of SAP Digital Core Procurement – the basis for our FUTURA® procurement solution.

Digitalization of purchasing with SAP as Digital Core

SAP Digital Core Procurement is our answer to the needs of SAP customers to digitize procurement processes end-to-end as part of their Digital Core strategy.

This means: SAP Launchpad as a single point of entry for all sourcing activities, simplified user guidance via FUTURA apps, and a connection to suppliers and service providers that is as flexible as it is efficient.

SAP S/4HANA Sourcing & Procurement, the core for procurement, is constantly being expanded. Many functions from earlier modules such as SRM or SLC have already been incorporated here and are covered by the core. The connection of service providers and suppliers in sourcing and procurement processes must be handled by a cloud solution. One possible alternative to SAP Ariba is FUTURA: The fully integrated procurement platform can be used, for example, to map any type of tendering process in a standardized manner - for all commodity groups from materials to lean services to (construction) technically demanding projects (GAEB).

  • Keep it simple
    Purchasing and Issuing requests without system change and with harmonized processes
  • Keep it transparent
    Reliable decision-making based on data thanks to real-time controlling
  • Keep it agile
    Process expansion or new requirements? Fast implementation due to development based on apps and microservices

The goal of the Fiori UX concept introduced with S/4HANA is to simplify the usage of SAP software and enable individuals and teams to collaborate more effectively, faster, and better. The same approach is taken by FUTURA apps, which can be accessed side-by-side with Fiori apps from the SAP Launchpad. However, they can also be used to improve digital workflows that are not covered by SAP S/4HANA.

  • Motivating
    Intuitive use and high usability
  • Streamlined
    Short training time and little effort
  • Unified
    For the entire purchasing team - SAP power users as well as occasional users

Cost savings and accelerated sourcing and procurement processes are only the beginning of digitalization in purchasing. A digital core strategy for all data and documents with FUTURA also makes it possible to take full advantage of the constantly expanded evaluation and simulation functions in S/4HANA Sourcing & Procurement: Analytics tools provide clear reports and visualizations - and this also from data and information contributed by FUTURA.

  • Integrate
    Easy networking and onboarding of suppliers
  • Optimize
    Competitive advantage through greater productivity, cost reduction and security of supply
  • Accelerate
    Automation of manual processes and faster ROI

In real time and across systems - SAP Digital Core Procurement creates transparency

Consolidating data from all areas and analyzing it in real time is the basis for fast and reliable business decisions. This is made possible by S/4HANA as the Digital Core and means working on a common data basis in SAP instead of import-export processes or parallel shadow systems.

Examples of evaluations in purchasing:

  • Number of purchase requisition items posted via FUTURA compared to the number of all purchase requisition items in SAP.
  • Number of purchase requisition items included in an auction in FUTURA.
  • Number of contracts created after a request via FUTURA compared to the number of all contracts in SAP
  • Value of purchase orders created after a request via FUTURA compared to the number of all purchase orders in SAP.

Integration in SAP standard

OData services or data exchange with SAP S/4HANA in real time

Considerations for modernizing the application portfolio are increasingly considering aspects such as the release capability of the SAP system. This is only possible if adjustments to the core of the SAP system are kept at a minimum.

This is because every change to the core of the system, in the worst case as a modification, makes future updates more difficult and tests more complex. For SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP automatically provides an update every three months. With the cloud solution, changes to the core of the system are therefore not only not recommended, but not possible at all.

Communication between FUTURA and the SAP system takes place – analogous to the Fiori apps – by means of OData interface technology and thus by means of an SAP standard. The core of S/4HANA remains untouched and thus SAP's Clean Core strategy is completely fulfilled.

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