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Overcoming information silos – Futura Solutions at the BME-eLösungstage 2018

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Wiesbaden, February 2018. At the 9th BME e-Lösungstage 2018, digital transformation is still on the roadmap for procurement. Besides collaborative, connected ecosystems, many things will revolve around process automation on the 13th and 14th of March. With 16 years of BME congress experience, Futura Solutions is a regular at the annual trade meeting in Dusseldorf and will show at booth 14 how data and information silos can be overcome with the help of their cloud solution FUTURA®.

Regarding the optimization potential in purchasing, the benefits of consistently integrated workflows with ERP integration are now undisputed, but the reality in companies is still quite different. Data and information silos are part of the work routine: An automated integration of data and information is often implemented only at sub-process level. Consequently, valuable input for subsequent processes is often lost – at the expense of transparency and project controlling, for example in the SAP ERP-system.

The depth of integration is decisive

“During our first presence at the BME congress 16 years ago, the main topic was the shift from analog to digital methods. Electronic processes and digital media are standard today – but despite of that, the challenge remains”, says marketing manager Hubert Schröder. “The depth of integration, namely of data, processes and systems alike, has now become decisive”.


The modular cloud solution FUTURA®, specialized in procuring and processing complex services, does not rely on interfaces, but on real integration. Workflows are based on the same set of data and do not require error-prone import-export handling between processes or systems. The key element is the quality of data, which has to be maintained throughout the entire supply chain of service procurement, with a high degree of detail all the way through to the item level – that is, service descriptions, recordings and eventually the approval. The simple and consistent handling of item lists based on the GAEB standard is one of the core features of FUTURA®.

The interoperability of systems

“In companies and industries that are active in such areas as plant engineering, maintenance projects or facility management, service procurement is of strategic importance. They are particularly dependent on the interconnection of technical and commercial workflows”, points out Hartmut Schwadtke. “It is the only way to set up an effective purchasing controlling.”

Booth visitors will get to see a live presentation of various case applications from the area of framework contracts and project business. Futura Solutions will be present at booth 14.


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Since 1997, Futura Solutions has been developing and operating innovative software solutions that connect people and their work flows. The workflow expert combines experience in developing cloud services and their secure operation with a broad SAP expertise. Over 60,000 users worldwide and across all industries are working with FUTURA® applications.
In addition to medium-sized companies, its customers include 20 percent of the DAX30 companies, for which Futura Solutions has opened up new operational potentials in their procurement processes.

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