With the FUTURA®-method at the BME-Symposium 2017

Bild Futura Solutions beim 52. BME-Symposium in Berlin

Wiesbaden, October 2017. What will the digital ecosystem of companies, clients and suppliers look like in the future? With lectures, workshops and best practices at the BME Symposium in Berlin, from November 8-10, everything will again evolve around the big issues that move purchasing professionals. Exhibitor Futura Solutions focuses on digital transformation in service procurement and presents the FUTURA®-method.

Futura Solutions auf dem BME Symposium 2017

What are the requirements for a comprehensive approach to digitization in service procurement? And: What impact does this have on the interdepartmental cooperation of all stakeholders? The process specialist is providing answers with its modular cloud application FUTURA®, with which Futura Solutions specifically addresses the requirements arising from SAP-integrated procurement and processing of complex services such as plant construction, maintenance or facility management.

Interactive processes that also include bidders and service providers regarding demand definition, sourcing and entries of services rendered play a crucial part – affecting the invoicing associated with the acceptance of services rendered. Thereby, the FUTURA® method applies a comprehensive approach to the procurement process, interconnecting the stakeholders seamlessly and thus enabling transparent cooperation between all parties involved. Combined with a seamless integration into the SAP ERP system, this lays the foundation for a consistent controlling approach in service purchasing.

Managing Director Hartmut Schwadtke and Sales Manager Hubert Schröder are showcasing live various application scenarios related to the framework contract and project business in the FUTURA® cloud. The current Release 4.0 continues the cloud strategy and includes i. a. new convenient “Drag & Drop” functionalities for the online creation of item lists.

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Since 1997, Futura Solutions has been developing and operating innovative software solutions that connect people and their work flows. The workflow expert combines experience in developing cloud services and their secure operation with a broad SAP expertise. Over 60,000 users worldwide and across all industries are working with FUTURA® applications. In addition to medium-sized companies, its customers include 20 percent of the DAX30 companies, for which Futura Solutions has opened up new operational potentials in their procurement processes.

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