Request and call for tender

Requests, tenders and evaluations – just get the best deal with FUTURA

Sending requests via e-mail is not only precarious but also very time-consuming. There is no logging or evaluation, offers have to be verified manually – the necessary transparency is lacking, which makes it difficult to establish legitimate compliance processes. There is an easier way: In a convenient manner, FUTURA assists you in launching requests quickly and reliably and in automatically evaluating service or material proposals.

Conducting requests and calls for tender

FUTURA is also conditioned for complex multilevel item lists as defined by the GAEB-standard. You may illustrate different price components (e.g. wage, material), graduated price scales, and item types (e.g. alternative, contingent, and notice items). With just a few mouse clicks, you have created a call for tenders. Select the appropriate suppliers from the system-wide supplier list or just use your own suppliers. A company name and an e-mail address will suffice – the FUTURA-application is automatically taking care of the “Onboarding”. You can describe your requests feely or you import the description from a GAEB-file or an Excel-template. The special feature of this is: The files are not treated as mere attachments, Futura can read these files. This confers the great advantage that the offers submitted by your suppliers can be automatically evaluated.

Price comparison lists with variants and simulations

Price comparisons can be a time-consuming affair – but not with FUTURA. You get a proper overview quickly. Offers submitted by suppliers are automatically presented in synoptic tables. Variations in prices are ascertained and displayed with a colored marking. You can independently simulate scenarios and save different drafts of a price comparison list. You can always use the various request versions to compile price comparisons.
Tus you get an optimal and quick overview of the supply situation.

Multilevel negotiation rounds and various auction types

With just a few mouse clicks, you can make changes to your request and incorporate suggested improvements. These changes are displayed to your bidders and suppliers so that they can reprise their previous offer and only have to quote items that have been newly added. Make use of multilevel negotiation rounds – if a final negotiation (last bid) seems reasonable, you can simply carry over the corresponding offers into an auction. Bidders have the opportunity to improve their proposals in a fair and transparent manner. You determine the rules of the auction, i.e. duration, ranking visibility, the number of participants and the rules for an extended closing time.

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Requirement and cost estimation

  • Defining purchase requisitions and requirements
  • Planning service and material requirements
  • Costing and project budgeting

Requests and calls for tender

  • Calls for tender based on GAEB-files
  • Various price comparison layouts and simulations
  • Multistage negotiation rounds and auctions

Supplier management

  • Registering and classifying suppliers
  • Creating and updating framework agreements
  • Activity and information cockpit

Master files for materials and services

  • Entering and maintaining master data
  • Item lists based on the German GAEB-standard
  • Reading material master files and data from SAP

SAP process integration

  • Standardized modules for integration
  • Unique, real-time interoperability with SAP
  • Simple implementation of the interface

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