Strategic procurement

More standardization – more efficiency in procurement

In the procurement of services, the more defined service specifications and negotiated framework agreements can be used, the higher the leverage for transparent processes. Free text and maverick buying lose influence. Strategic purchasing provides the basis for this: defining criteria for performance results or creating service specifications, formulating tenders, analyzing and evaluating quotations, concluding contractual agreements.

Evaluations and analyses

Without master data, without standards, there can be no sound evaluations and analyses. Working with standardized service specifications, framework agreements or contracts transferred from FUTURA to SAP is the prerequisite for effective purchase controlling which in turn makes it possible to track the use of specific services at specific prices.

Master service specifications and master data libraries

The maintenance of service master records in SAP is not very practical, which is why FUTURA is the ideal solution. Service masters or master service specifications can be created manually in FUTURA or imported via GAEB or Excel. The individual services can be organized in FUTURA via drag & drop. With a simple mouse click, the master service specifications are transferred from FUTURA to SAP where the individual service masters are created.

Service and material masters: An important prerequisite for evaluations and analyses in order to enter the next price negotiations on a sound basis.

Libraries of services and materials: Create your tenders easily by using these libraries.

Handling the GAEB format

GAEB (German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction) is the standard in the construction industry used for the exchange of specifications, quotations and measurements.

An external planner can create a set of service specifications in the GAEB format and forward it to their client as a basis for a tender.

Requests for quotation

In the case of FUTURA, optimizing tenders means automating tenders. With just a few mouse clicks you can select the suppliers and invite them to submit their offers. After the submission deadline, the quotations are automatically evaluated and negotiated with all or with a few, selected suppliers. And: the entire process can be recorded transparently and in conformity with compliance requirements.

Obtaining quotations

Suppliers and service providers are integrated into the tendering process online via FUTURA. All they need to use the platform is internet access and a browser. Requests for quotation or tenders can be viewed directly on the platform in the supplier cockpit and can be processed online. For extensive requests for quotation, the supplier can upload and download GAEB or Excel files.

Sourcing cockpit

The overview of the status of a tender is very important for purchasers. Have the attachments been opened, have the requests for quotation been viewed or have quotations already been submitted? Status reports provide you with information on the progress of the tendering and quoting process: This allows you to remind suppliers of the submittal of their quotation more quickly, you can expand the circle of bidders or extend the submission deadline.


Über FUTURA stehen verschiedene Auktionsarten, ob Einkaufs- oder Verkaufsauktionen, zur Verfügung. Wählen Sie zwischen Bestpreis-Auktion, Englische Ticker-Auktion, Holländische Auktion, Japanische Auktion oder einer offenen Auktion. Jeder Auktionstyp kann über frei einstellbare Parameter individualisiert werden.

Agreements and contracts

Frequently, tenders are issued in third-party systems that are not connected to SAP or even by email. Consequently, the result of a tender for services is cumulated to one item (SU). It is therefore not possible to map subsequent processes or even create service contracts in SAP. With FUTURA, however, you can convert the results of your tenders, be it material or service tenders, into individual purchase orders in FUTURA.

Individual purchase orders

Ihr Ausschreibungsergebnis legen Sie direkt aus FUTURA heraus als Bestellung in SAP an. Dies erfolgt sowohl für Material wie auch für mehrstufige Leistungsverzeichnisse (GAEB-Format). Dadurch wird es möglich, in SAP auch die Folgeprozesse z. B. Abrechnung, abzubilden – und damit ein Echtzeit-Controlling in SAP.


Neben der Möglichkeit aus einem FUTURA-Angebot in SAP eine Bestellung anzulegen, können Sie auch FUTURA-Angebote nutzen, um in SAP daraus Kontrakte zu fixieren. Mehrstufige LVs im GAEB-Format werden hierbei unterstützt, so dass FUTURA praktisch als GAEB-Konverter für SAP fungiert.

Operative procurement

Automatisierung operativer Prozesse in der Dienstleistungsbeschaffung

Procurement of capital goods

Transparenz in Planungs- und Budgetierungsprozessen – Kontrolle in allen Projektphasen


SAP-integriert ausschreiben – von Material bzw. Lean Services bis hin zu Complex Services

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