Purchase of services

Purchasing of Complex Services – GAEB-based item lists without GAEB hurdles in SAP

Systems for the procurement of simple services, such as consulting services, cannot adequately map requirements for complex services. And even solutions by SAP Ariba, whether Ariba Sourcing or the Ariba Network, do not help here – with Complex Services or GAEB-based item lists, it all stops. Against this background, the advantages of a purchasing system with integrated GAEB structures become apparent – in the tendering process as well as in the entry of services.

The procurement of Complex Services not only requires being able to map multi-level service specifications – it also has to be part of the general purchasing processes around materials and services. Equally simple. And equally integrated into SAP.

Access contracts flexibly and put them out to tender

Do you work with service contracts in SAP and want to update and put them out to tender on a regular basis? The easiest way to do this is for purchasers to access all contracts directly from the SAP Launchpad – even those with item type “Service” – and read them out for tendering in the FUTURA Cloud. If required, additional service lines or new suppliers can be added to the tender here – this amounts to a streamlined workflow for strategic service procurement.  

Search for new service providers and expand supplier network

Service purchasing is far less geared to global sourcing than materials procurement – there is also a very high standard for the service to be provided. Access to a procurement network with a focus on service providers and suppliers from the German-speaking region are a decisive qualitative added value for national projects. Take advantage of the potential of the approximately 60,000 suppliers in the FUTURA Network.   


Enabling simple onboarding even for small service providers

Exchange documents in the form of structured data without media discontinuity – this is also possible ad hoc and in accordance with the industry standard GAEB. All service providers invited to a tender receive their own access to FUTURA Cloud. There, the suppliers can view the tender and edit or submit their offer – the accompanying communication is also integrated in the system. But above all: The use is simple for suppliers and also free of charge, which ensures a high acceptance.

Obtain quotations and evaluate them automatically

Service specifications for complex services can be very extensive – 1,000 or more items or service lines in a GAEB list are not uncommon. In order to obtain a valid basis for comparison across several providers, special requirements are placed on the functions and performance of a price comparison list. It is important that a tender platform for services or complex services must be able to process such mass data with high performance.

Creating more transparency in billing and controlling

Creating an item with the value of the quotation for a purchase order in SAP and attaching the specifications in PDF format – this “shortcut” has its pitfalls in practice. The same applies to service contracts in SAP: Often only the “header” of the contract is created, completely without the specifications. This makes it unnecessarily difficult to check the service responses at a later date. The only remedy is a simple transfer of the entire quotation specifications to SAP, where they can be created either as a service purchase order (item category “Service”) or as a service contract (value or quantity contract).

Service entry in self-service by the service provider

To ensure that invoicing or the service entry can take place transparently at service line level or in the form of a contract in SAP, the GAEB specifications must be available in their entirety in the SAP system – and, of course, it must also be synchronized when a service provider accesses it.This shortens and simplifies billing processes, from which the service providers also benefit: They receive their money more quickly.


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