Building and facility maintenance

Framework agreement ratio high – costs of maintenance procurement low

Complex verification and billing processes are part of the daily routine for the labor-intensive measures in the maintenance cycle. The achievement of cost and service transparency is therefore a main objective of the purchaser. The key to this lies in more standardization by means of service specifications and an increasing ratio of framework agreements. The greater the proportion of unplanned services, the more evident the need for optimization.

Challange: a multitude of individual purchase orders

Requisitioners often work together with their regular, known suppliers. The result is typically low bundling rates, since the planning is not focused. The multitude of individual purchase orders makes control considerably more difficult and makes strategic planning almost impossible due to a lack of transparency.

Challenge: billing per hourly rate

When framework agreements are used, they are often limited to fixed hourly rates. Since there is no clear description of the result, complex quality assurance is necessary and manifests itself in complex control and billing processes.

Challenge: share of unplanned services

Unplanned services within the scope of repair measures or incidents are a challenge. In contrast to planned purchase orders, which are based on a definition of the consumer’s requirements or on a quotation, in the case of unplanned services the scope of the service to be performed is still unclear – free text in the context of blanket purchase orders can only be evaluated at great expense

Via FUTURA, purchase orders in the form of call-offs can be triggered and invoiced according to demand. This leads to a significantly increased transparency of the services rendered in service processing, especially in the area of maintenance, i.e. unplanned services.

Process optimization with FUTURA

In the case of repairs, blanket purchase orders are usually initiated with reference to a framework agreement or contract. The advantage in FUTURA: Suppliers independently use the corresponding items from their framework agreement to create the specifications for billing. Changes and correction loops are easily possible in FUTURA. The verification procedure can be individually set up by means of workflows

Advantages of automation in operational purchasing

  • Discharge of the purchaser

    The consumer can use a system-based contract link to start a call-off order immediately – without making a detour via the purchaser.

  • Transparency of the services rendered

    Suppliers and service providers use the corresponding items from their current framework agreement to create the billing specifications – the proportion of free-text orders is thus efficiently reduced.

  • Simplified billing

    In FUTURA, the verification of services rendered is done BEFORE the invoice is issued. This is possible due to the online service entries made by the service provider. The service entries initiate the process of clarifying and agreeing upon the services rendered – the subsequent invoice only needs to be posted in the SAP system.

  • Evaluation

    The possibility of evaluating the underlying framework agreement according to the frequency of the included items provides useful information that can serve as a basis for negotiations.


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Purchase of Complex Services

Purchasing of Complex Services – GAEB-based item lists without GAEB hurdles in SAP

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