Procurement of capital goods

Transparency in planning and budgeting processes – Control in all project phases

Awarding decisions are of great importance considering the long life cycle and mostly high financial costs of capital goods. Early coordination of operational and strategic content between the specialist department and purchasing helps to ensure savings potential and compliance. Via FUTURA, not only planners, purchasers and site managers, but also bidders and suppliers are integrated online into tendering and billing processes. Only the bridge between technical and commercial workflows enables an active control function via SAP as the “leading system”.

Planning and budgeting

The planning and budgeting of investment projects often takes place in different systems. While an AVA tool is used for planning, the budget values are entered in ERP systems like SAP, in order to enable a comprehensive financial controlling. FUTURA connects both worlds and creates the basis for a consistent planning and processing of investment projects.

Creating service specifications

In FUTURA, you can use drag & drop to access framework agreements, master service specifications and material master files when creating service specifications. Alternatively, you can import service specifications using GAEB files and use the interfaces to all common text libraries or systems to create individual item descriptions faster and more precisely.

Cost calculation

Manage any number of prices and several price components for an item using the integrated price database: specified basic prices, prices offered by suppliers of service items, annual contract prices negotiated with bidders, or prices from already completed projects.

Cost centers

Customize cost structures for specific projects – with the functionality of a user-friendly explorer. You can easily reference your own cost structure to DIN 276 or a freely definable cost element structure and compare it with the WBS elements in SAP.

Awarding and compliance

Compliance can only be achieved by means of transparency in the awarding of contracts and billing. “Who, When, What”, this simple formula implies that, on the one hand, it is documented who initiated and executed a process and when, on the other hand, the service to be provided must be described in detail to ensure a transparent billing. The FUTURA platform fulfils these requirements and enables the SAP system to bill even complex services transparently.

Supplier integration

Via FUTURA, suppliers and service providers are integrated online into the tendering process. All they need to use the platform is an internet connection and a browser. Requests for quotation or tenders can be viewed and processed online, directly on the platform, in the supplier cockpit. For extensive requests for quotation, the supplier can upload and download GAEB or Excel files.

Calls for Tender

The focus of FUTURA in the context of tendering procedures is the implementation of tenders under private law.

FUTURA fulfils the legal requirements of public tendering in the form of a two-stage tendering procedure with a competition: In the first step, the tender is published with a competition of participants via an e-tendering platform and e.g. SIMAP, and in the second step, the tender with the applicants is published via FUTURA. In this way, all advantages of FUTURA without media discontinuity (GAEB format, price comparison list, SAP integration) can also be used for public tenders.

Sourcing Cockpit

The buyer always keeps track of the status of the tender. Have the attachments been opened, have the requests for quotation been viewed or have quotations already been submitted? Status messages inform you about the status of the tendering and quote process: This allows you to remind suppliers more quickly of the submittal of their quotation, expand the circle of bidders or extend the deadline for submitting a quotation.

Price comparison list

In FUTURA, incoming quotations can be automatically transferred to a price comparison list at the push of a button. By using individual filters, the price comparison list, which is exportable to Excel for further processing, can be adapted to the requirements of the purchasing department. Even several negotiation rounds can be displayed in the price comparison list.


Awards are initiated in FUTURA and mapped with all item details in SAP. This means that subsequent billing of the service rendered can be referenced to each individual service line and thus be billed transparently.

Reporting and controlling

Without data, there is no controlling and reporting. The controlling department can only settle purchase commitments and create current reports if all relevant documents are posted promptly in the SAP system. FUTURA “feeds” SAP as the leading system with all necessary data, so that real-time evaluations in SAP or more advanced analysis tools are possible.


To invoice the services rendered, the service provider enters his service entries or measurements on the FUTURA platform. After potential correction loops and release by the initiator, the service entry sheets are then automatically created in SAP for the corresponding service lines and the corresponding purchase commitments are settled.


Supplements are issued in FUTURA and generate an order change in the SAP system. 

Process Mining

With the comprehensive and automated creation of documents in the SAP system, FUTURA not only enables controlling and reporting, but also provides the basis for the use of process mining tools.

Operative procurement

Automation of operative processes in service procurement

Strategic procurement

More standardization – more efficiency in procurement

Investment projects

About how purchasing and planning build the bridge for construction project controlling

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