Are you focusing on SAP as your digital core
in purchasing and procurement?

Process standardization

Issue tenders easily and directly from your SAP system, using just one interface – without any detours and for all product groups.

Relying on framework agreements

Reduce the workload of operational purchasing by increasingly relying on framework agreements. Here, too, the rule is: all data comes from SAP and all data returns to SAP.

Self Service for suppliers

Service providers enter their measurements independently and access the contract for their invoicing specifications – all of which is synchronized with SAP in real time, of course.

Purchasing of materials and services

Tenders from different sources of reference result in different workflows in SAP and Ariba. This places tight constraints on requirements for revision security, transparency, and ultimately sourcing productivity. The remedy is a consistent adherence to SAP as the single point of truth. All documents, records, and communications with bidders and suppliers must be accessible through one single location: Your SAP Launchpad.

Purchase of Complex Services

Systems for the procurement of simple services, such as consulting services, cannot adequately map requirements for complex services. And even solutions by SAP Ariba, whether Ariba Sourcing or the Ariba Network, do not help here – with Complex Services or GAEB-based item lists, it all stops. Against this background, the advantages of a purchasing system with integrated GAEB structures become apparent – in the tendering process as well as in the entry of services.

Building and plant maintenance

Elaborate auditing and billing processes are part of day-to-day business for labor-intensive measures in maintenance. Achieving cost and service transparency is therefore a primary objective of purchasing. The key to achieving this lies in increased standardization via service specifications and a higher proportion of framework agreements: the greater the proportion of unplanned services, the greater the potential for optimization in the processing of services.

Investment projects

Continuous, transparent controlling in real time is often difficult. The reason for this is often the variety of systems involved, such as MS Excel, construction planning programs or SAP. Media discontinuities are unavoidable here. The remedy is a bridge between planners and purchasers and a deep integration into the SAP system for a continuous process between the departments involved that can be checked at any time.

FUTURA® Cloud offers a wide range of functions for operational and strategic purchasing and procurement processes and is connected to SAP ECC or S/4HAN via real-time interfaces.

Strategic procurement

More standardization – more efficiency in procurement

Operational procurement

Automation of operational processes in service procurement

Capital goods procurement

Transparency in planning and budgeting processes

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