Are you focusing on SAP as your digital core
in purchasing and procurement?


Even small suppliers and service providers can be easily connected via the cloud – the accompanying communication is also integrated in the system. Handle your entire request for quotation and tender process transparently and audit-proof manner.


Relieve the burden on operational purchasing by increasingly relying on framework agreements. Regardless of whether planned or unplanned services are involved, consistent processes in which all players are interconnected in real time create transparency.


Self-service instead of time-consuming control processes: Service providers enter their measurements independently and can access the contract that is synchronized with SAP for the billing of their service specifications


Regardless of whether you are procuring materials, lean services, or even complex services such as construction services via the GAEB format, only the use of a digital tendering platform can offer audit compliance and transparency throughout the entire request and tendering process. The advantage of an additional seamless SAP integration is evident in the subsequent processes.

Building and plant maintenance

Elaborate auditing and billing processes are part of day-to-day business for labor-intensive measures in maintenance. Achieving cost and service transparency is therefore a primary objective of purchasing. The key to achieving this lies in increased standardization via service specifications and a higher proportion of framework agreements: the greater the proportion of unplanned services, the greater the potential for optimization in the processing of services.

Investment projects

Continuous, transparent controlling in real time is often difficult. The reason for this is often the variety of systems involved, such as MS Excel, construction planning programs or SAP. Media discontinuities are unavoidable here. The remedy is a bridge between planners and purchasers and a deep integration into the SAP system for a continuous process between the departments involved that can be checked at any time.

Dealing with changes is part of day-to-day business. Change management therefore means: changing documents in SAP in a traceable and automated way, e.g. creating purchase order items – including a check whether approval values and value limits have been exceeded by making the change.

Purchasing, procurement, billing

New approaches to process design

Purchasing and specialist department – FUTURA Cloud covers all necessary strategic and operational procurement processes for construction and services. Including the special field of capital goods procurement.

Strategic procurement

More standardization – more efficiency in procurement

Operational procurement

Automation of operational processes in service procurement

Capital goods procurement

Transparency in planning and budgeting processes

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