Less complexity, more standardization

Data in, value out – process quality needs data quality

From master data recording to procurement and billing through to controlling: high data quality is absolutely relevant to all business units. If it increases, process quality will increase too. At the same time, the processing times decrease because queries and manual corrections are reduced or at best avoided. In the area of planning and handling services, this is particularly obvious when it comes to defining requirements and billing.

Digitized does not necessarily mean without media discontinuity

Things that were handled on paper in the past and are still dealt with by e-mail in many places today, would reach a new quality level by stepping into the procurement cloud. A web-based approach grants the various stakeholders in the value chain access to one and the same database – a crucial difference for process quality.

Because handling affairs digitally does not necessarily mean that media discontinuity is avoided. At the latest the question as to how to transfer the data from a PDF attachment of an e-mail to the subsequent processes for example – be it requirements, quotations or orders – will entail manual intervention with a high error rate. FUTURA® brings speed and transparency as well as legal security in terms of compliance with a system support along the entire purchasing process.


Achieve more process quality with FUTURA® e.g.:

  • Increase the framework agreement rate

    The higher the standardization, the stronger the effects on efficiency and security. With the appropriate foundation (e.g. standard service specifications), framework agreements can be concluded simply and cost-effectively. This not only makes your operative procurement faster, but also more flexible.

  • Automate accounting

    FUTURA® uncouples the verification of services rendered from invoicing: the verification takes place between the consumers or supervisors and the supplier – as a result, accepted service entry sheets are created in SAP. The accounting department is significantly relieved. Automated accounting can also be achieved by working with credit memos instead of invoices.

  • Meet compliance requirements

    Due to the fact that all details are transferred to the SAP system thanks to FUTURA®, audit compliance is automatically established. Owing to digital documentation, decisions are traceable even retrospectively. All assignments and activities as well as internal and external communication, such as comments or questions and answers, can be reconstructed. These are the basics of a transparent awarding process.

  • Reinforce user acceptance

    The simpler and more intuitive the system support for the purchaser, the higher is the usage. FUTURA® is designed for the mapping of services and the required workflows in service procurement. In this respect the structure of the service specifications and the GAEB format pose a special challenge regarding the user interface and the usability. Goodbye Excel and e-mail.

From functional view to process view

Digitizing intelligently with the FUTURA® method

Collaboration of stakeholders

Common database on one platform including simple supplier connection

Connectivity of systems

Automatic document flow in SAP enables real-time commitment reduction

Automation of workflows

Higher automation level due to a powerful workflow engine

FUTURA®is an alternative or supplement to SAP Ariba for companies that:

  • have a large share of services in their procurement portfolio,

  • rely on sector-specific standards such as the GAEB format for service procurement,

  • are subject to legal regulations, such as the BSI (BSI Kritisverordnung) e.g. the utilities and transport sectors,

  • and which must process their data in EU member states only as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Consistently interconnected

Get to know the FUTURA® solutions

FUTURA® is a modular collaboration platform with all necessary functionalities for collaborating in the cloud. This means that all stakeholders – planners, consumers, purchasers and approvers – are accessing a common database. The solution FUTURA AVA Cloud maps this entire process. Core processes around tendering, purchasing and billing can also be used as stand-alone solutions.



Consistent AVA process around SAP as a digital core

Icon FUTURA Sourcing Cloud

FUTURA Sourcing Cloud

Product-group-independent tenders for material and services

Icon FUTURA Procurement Cloud

FUTURA Procurement Cloud

Tendering, ordering and billing of services

Icon FUTURA LERF Cloud / FUTURA Service Entry Cloud

FUTURA Service Entry Cloud

Ordering and billing of investment measures and framework agreement business

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