AVA (Tendering, awarding and billing ) online

AVA via FUTURA®-cloud – at grips with costs, processes and potential sources of error

FUTURA is now presenting the next evolutionary step regarding the cooperation of the various stakeholders in the fields of planning, purchasing and billing. Seamless collaboration brings process and cost certainty since changes are visible to all in real time and thus transparent. This helps to avoid errors and enables the initiation of automated follow-up processes – upon request, also available with full integration into the SAP ERP-system.

Call for tenders – simple planning

Consumers and planners have several data sources at their disposal. Be they master service specifications or concluded transactions, in the planning stage you can access this data and create GAEB-compliant item lists in FUTURA. Are you collaborating with external planners e.g. specialist planners or engineering offices? In that case you can receive their output in form of a GAEB-file. Or you can grant them access permission for your transaction via FUTUA-cloud in order to collaborate in real time.

Awarding – reliable tendering

Your task as a purchaser is to put out for tender an item list created by a consumer? It’s seamlessly possible in the FUTURA-cloud. Over an in-built workflow, the purchaser can access the completed item list and continues working with the output provided by the consumer. Purchasers can add documents if necessary and select the favored bidders, resp. suppliers – the latter are informed about the tender via e-mail at the touch of a button and gain access in order to process and calculate their bids. Following the submission deadline, purchasers can view an automated offer analysis in the price comparison list.

They can conduct several tendering and negotiation rounds and ultimately make an awarding decision in consultation with the consumer. As a result, collaboration between the stakeholders is getting more simple and reliable. You are working on your tasks in a specified process sequence, in sync with the workflow – besides sharing tasks you also share data.

A necessary data change, for instance in case of a change order, is thus becoming visual and possible for all parties involved.


Billing – quick verification of services rendered

The awarding has been accomplished and the service is ordered? Integrate your suppliers seamlessly into this stage of your business process as well. If you so wish, the order is conveyed directly from your SAP ERP-system to the respective supplier account in the FUTURA-cloud. From there, suppliers or service providers can simply report back their services rendered, or record their measurements, which can be supplemented by estimated quantities and documents. Once the suppliers have completed their measurements, the auditor can access, release, adjust, or reject them – this again is taking place in real time, with the greatest possible transparency which renders automated billing processes possible.


What you can accomplish with AVA via cloud

  • All stakeholders work seamlessly within one system, changes are visible to all in real time
  • Absolute transparency and error reduction, consequently maximal process and cost certainty
  • GAEB-interfaces included: Connection to external planners and engineering offices via GAEB XML
  • Complete integration into the standard procedures of SAP ERP-systems (purchase requisition, request / proposal, order, activity recording)
  • Automated triggering of follow-up processes, e.g. purchase commitment and receipt of goods
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