Modular cloud application

Getting started and upgrading – technical seamlessness

What was done via floppy disc in the past and is done by e-mail today is increasingly shifting towards cloud-based services which confer the great advantage of a simpler and more reliable collaboration between all the stakeholders involved: You are working on your tasks in a specific process sequence, in sync with the workflow. The objective is clear – the path heading towards consistently digitized procurement processes can also be taken step by step owing to the modular structure of the cloud application.

Example Getting started: Purchasers

For example, as a purchaser, start the digital transformation by using the module Request and call for tender and the seamless interconnection of your bidders and suppliers via the FUTURA-cloud. Convenient, reliable and fast, you can thus carry out your tenders and automatically evaluate offers.

Example Configuration level 1: Purchasing and billing

As a purchaser, you want to focus on your strategic tasks and leave operational tasks to the consumer. In that case expand the usage of FUTURA by the module Measurement and billing: For example, supply your consumers with framework agreements, which they can use independently and in sync with the workflow for orders up to a specified value limit. In an equally independent manner, the suppliers convey their services rendered via the FUTURA-cloud. The key feature is that the approvers or consumers can access this input and assess, modify and decontrol the measurements. Subsequently, the corresponding service entry sheets are automatically created in SAP and the goods receipt is posted in an automated process. Meanwhile, you can keep track of all transactions in a transparent manner via the FUTURA-cloud. You come into play by way of an automated workflow, in case a value has been exceeded which requires renegotiations with the supplier.

Example Configuration level 2: Planning, purchasing and billing

Would you like to use the module Requirement and cost estimation in addition and thereby seamlessly interlink your consumers and planners within the tendering process? Pick this module to give your planners the option of accessing framework contracts, master services specifications, or material master files. And in case your consumers are working with external planners: Just import the planning by means of GAEB-files or from an Excel template.
In combination with the module Measurement and billing, you can keep the whole handling of your project under seamless control. Moreover, you are highly flexible since the right qualified data is available for each specific purpose. The necessary change order management combines operational and strategic tasks, since you can keep track your budgets and purchase commitments at any time.

Example Configuration level 3: Planning, purchasing and billing with SAP-integration

Would you like to concentrate entirely on strategic topics? The modules  Supplier Management, Service and material master files, and SAP process integration, will help you at it. In order to specifically pursue strategic subjects, it is essential to systematically collect, synchronize and maintain master data. Thus, service and material master files provide the basis for purchasing control, helping to conduct targeted negotiations with suppliers. You acquire the best possible service at reasonable prices by carefully monitoring the quality of your suppliers. In order to make sure that many operational activities, especially in the area of external service management, are integrated in your SAP ERP-system and do not bypass it due to low usability, a consistent interconnection of the corresponding processes is required.

Overview FUTURA modules

Requirement and cost estimation

  • Defining purchase requisitions and requirements
  • Planning service and material requirements
  • Costing and project budgeting

Requests and calls for tender

  • Issuing requests and calls for tender based on GAEB-files
  • Retrieving various layouts of price comparison lists and simulations
  • Multistage negotiation rounds and auctions

Measurement and billing

  • Automated billing processes
  • Analyses and und strategic purchasing optimization
  • Audit-proof acceptance of services rendered

Supplier management

  • Registering and classifying suppliers
  • Creating and updating framework agreements
  • Activity and information cockpit

Master files for materials and services

  • Entering and maintaining master data
  • Creating item lists based on the German GAEB-standard
  • Reading material master files and data from SAP

SAP-process integration

  • Standardized modules for integration
  • Unique, real-time interoperability with SAP
  • Simple implementation of the interface

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