Independent of sectors and product groups

From Tendering through to awarding – conduct tenders easily and conveniently

Regardless of whether you are procuring simple products or complex product groups such as services or even construction services using the GAEB format: with the FUTURA® Sourcing Cloud, you can put services and material out to tender online, easily and without media discontinuity. The concomitant communication with your suppliers is also integrated into the system – so you can handle your entire tendering process transparently and in an audit-proof manner.

FUTURA Sourcing Cloud

FUTURA® Sourcing Cloud highlights

Specification of requirements

Create your requirements with or without reference to a purchase requisition, via Excel or GAEB import or manually from a contract or a master service specification by using drag & drop.

Expand your pool of suppliers

With FUTURA you can easily connect your bidders and suppliers online. In addition to your own pool of suppliers, which you can import via Excel or from SAP, the FUTURA supplier pool is also at your disposal. With around 60,000 suppliers, it is a valuable source for expanding your own supplier base.

Evaluate quotations at the push of a button

The quotations of bidders and suppliers are automatically displayed and evaluated in FUTURA in a price comparison list which is configurable according to your needs. Compare quotations from the various request versions or price negotiations and simulate the expected result using your own negotiating directives.

Using auctions

Various types of auction or negotiation rounds can be conducted within a very short time and with minimal effort for all participants. The “last bid” can be achieved by means of a subsequent purchasing auction. A wide range of configuration options enable you to customize the rules and the degree of transparency according to the requirements of your project. If you want, you can transfer quotes, contracts or purchase orders to SAP at the touch of a button.

Increase the rate of framework contracts

A high level of framework contracts entails significant cost and efficiency advantages and automates your operational procurement. Once conditions are negotiated and fixed for the duration of the contract, you can save the extra effort of conducting separate tenders which will allow you to concentrate on strategic tasks.

Interconnected with SAP

FUTURA facilitates interactive working with your SAP system. The special type of connectivity with SAP enables you to create quotations, purchase orders or contracts with all items and service lines in SAP in less than no time – all related documents and attachments included. This is an important prerequisite for converting SAP into the digital core of your company.

Your requirements – our services:

  • Transparency in the tendering process

    Launch of a tender in SAP or FUTURA® and easy expandability of the number of suppliers due to their online connection.

  • Support of the GAEB data exchange format

    Highly performant support of multi-level service specifications by means of the GAEB data exchange format

  • Convenient quotation analysis

    Automatic price comparisons, quotation transfer to SAP including all details of the service specifications and all related attachments.

  • Consistent document flow in SAP

    Audit-proof awarding process and documentation

From a sub-process to the overall process

Get to know further FUTURA solutions

The FUTURA® Sourcing Cloud is a stand-alone part of the FUTURA® collaboration platform. The tendering solution can be extended by additional core processes, e.g. service processing and/or billing.

Icon FUTURA Procurement Cloud

FUTURA Procurement Cloud

Tendering, ordering and billing of services



Consistent AVA process with SAP as the digital core

Icon FUTURA LERF Cloud / FUTURA Service Entry Cloud

FUTURA Service Entry Cloud

Ordering and billing of investment measures and services related to framework contracts

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