Simplifying the billing process

Towards a lean invoicing process – recording and accepting rendered services online

Many participants and fragmented task structures complicate the overview and impede adherence to the agreed payment terms. Has the service been rendered, are the costs justified? Have contents of the framework contract been taken into account? These questions often lead to a time-consuming review process. The FUTURA service entry cloud makes the recording and verification of rendered services transparent and simple at the same time.

Futura Service Entry Cloud

FUTURA® Service Entry Cloud highlights

Service entry online

The service entry made by your suppliers takes place on the FUTURA® platform. Suppliers enter their measurements independently or create the settlement list themselves. In the process they are accessing the framework contract or contract which is synchronized with SAP. This not only speeds up your billing and verification process, but also makes it reliable.

Flexible change order management

FUTURA offers suppliers and initiators the option to exchange continuous rounds of correction until the reported service can be posted as released. Compared to standard workflows, which only allow corrections in the form of deletion and new creation of complete service entry sheet, this brings a considerable workload reduction for both purchasers and service providers.

Workflow Engine

The FUTURA workflow engine allows you to configure individual verification and approval processes according to your needs. As soon as the approver has verified and approved a measurement, the corresponding service entry sheets are automatically created in SAP and, in addition, the goods receipt is posted automatically. As a result, the purchase commitment of the purchase order is automatically cleared. This saves effort and makes conventional invoice verification superfluous.

Automated billing

You can even go one step further by setting up a credit memo procedure in SAP, which is based on the released service entry in SAP that was automatically accepted by the service provider or supplier. The benefits: the credit note eliminates invoice verification completely and a manual booking is unnecessary – your billing process will become leaner and more reliable.

Your requirements – our services:

  • Consistent self-service approach

    Automatic synchronization of framework contracts with online access for service providers to create their settlement lists

  • Flexible workflow engine

    Configuration of release and approval workflows depending on value limits, sources, documents and authorizations

  • Easy billing

    Measurement verification online via the FUTURA® platform and elimination of invoice verification due to an automated creation and release of service entry sheets in SAP

  • Automated invoicing

    Create the necessary preconditions for the credit memo procedure in SAP

From a sub-process to the overall process

Get to know further FUTURA solutions

The FUTURA® Service Entry Cloud is a stand-alone module of the FUTURA® Collaboration Platform. Coverage of the overall process is possible by integrating the additional planning, tendering and purchasing module.

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