Optimizing the processing of services

Rely on consistent ordering and billing based on framework contracts

Framework agreements or contracts enhance transparency in processing and billing. In addition, they reduce the burden on operational purchasing. Besides planned services, unplanned services in the form of ad-hoc measures also play a major role in maintenance. Purchasers, service providers, suppliers and approvers are interconnected online, in real time via the FUTURA® Procurement Cloud.

Solution FUTURA Procurement Cloud

FUTURA® Procurement Cloud highlights

Besides lean services you can also process complex services with the FUTURA® Procurement Cloud – and, moreover, integrated into SAP. This is a notable difference compared to other procurement solutions.

Ordering at the push of a button

Contracts and orders are assigned via the FUTURA platform – at the push of a button, directly out of FUTURA or your SAP system, regardless of whether you delegate a project, a measure or a repair.

Procurement based on framework contracts

Besides the standard use case, which is the ordering or calling up of planned services, the focus lies on efficient workflows for the processing of so-called unplanned services: In such cases, you are able to set up a reference between the purchase order and the framework contract, and a limit or expected value up to which the framework contractors can submit their claims. In this case, they can access their framework contract and create their settlement list independently.

Work with cost estimates

You have agreed upon framework contracts with your service providers? This way you describe your project rudimentarily and give your service providers the task of preparing a cost estimate with fixed prices on the basis of a prearranged framework contract. The cost estimate serves as the basis for a negotiation or a purchase order.

Efficient workflows

Individually defined workflows ensure that the procurement process can run automatically – with reference to the framework contract or contract synchronized in SAP. If, for example, a call-up exceeds a specified value limit and the corresponding framework contract contains no scheduled prices at all, the framework contractor may be asked to enter a discount.

Simplified acceptance of services rendered and control

Via the FUTURA platform, suppliers automatically enter their measurements or initially create a settlement list on their own. This not only hastens your billing and verification process and, but also makes it reliable. The FUTURA Workflow Engine allows you to configure individual verification and approval processes according to your needs. As soon as the approver has verified and released a measurement, the corresponding service entry sheets are automatically created in SAP and the goods receipt is also posted automatically.

Automated billing

You can even go one step further by setting up a credit memo procedure in SAP, which is based on the released service entry in SAP that was automatically accepted by the service provider or supplier. The benefits: the credit note eliminates invoice verification completely and a manual booking is unnecessary – your billing process will become leaner and more reliable.

Your requirements – our services

  • Self-service approach

    Automatic synchronization of framework contracts with online access for service providers to create their settlement lists

  • High degree of process reliability

    Status information and feedback from the SAP system

  • Workflow Engine

    Configuration of your release and approval workflows based on value limits, sources, documents, and permissions

  • Easy billing

    Measurement verification online via the FUTURA cloud and elimination of invoice verification through the automated creation and release of service entry sheets in SAP

From a sub-process to the overall process

Get to know further FUTURA solutions

The FUTURA® Procurement Cloud is a stand-alone module of the FUTURA® Collaboration Platform. Coverage of the overall AVA process is possible by the integrating the additional planning module.

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Ordering and billing of investment measures and services related to framework contracts

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