SAP process integration

Standardized integration modules, unique real-time interoperability, simple interface implementation

Only genuine process integration can help and ensure a seamless digitization of your planning, purchasing and billing processes. Common import and export interfaces will not accomplish that – their implementation is complex; they entail systemic fragmentation and consequently involve risks. And the decisive factor: they do not cover change processes which occur frequently in practice. The ready-made and standardized SAP integration modules provided by FUTURA enable a full integration of process flows into your SAP ERP-system.

The integration allows a seamless representation of your processes across system boundaries. Users work with FUTURA in their familiar environment. The data exchange between the SAP-system and FUTURA is initiated from the background, in sync with the workflow. A combined error handling is immediately showing you the processing status of the data exchange – a huge advantage, because you do not have to switch between the systems. Such integration allows you to use FUTURA interactively with your SAP ERP-system in a very effective and comfortable manner and by that very fact it creates the basis for transparency and audit security in SAP.

  • Standardized process integration

    Depending on the process flow, FUTURA provides various standardized modules for the integration of your SAP ERP-system. You can apply these modules individually or in combination. The basis for the connection and networking with the SAP ERP-system is the service-oriented architecture (SOA) provided by the SAP NetWeaver platform. Communication takes place via webservices .
    FUTURA is treating SAP as the “leading system”. Hence it must be supplied with all the required and necessary data to render a gapless chain of documents in the SAP ERP-system possible.

    Grundsätzlich betrachtet FUTURA das SAP als das „führende System“. Es muss also mit allen erforderlichen und notwendigen Daten versorgt werden, um eine lückenlose Belegkette im SAP ERP-System zu ermöglichen.

  • Unique interoperationality with SAP in real time

    The creation of documents in SAP is triggered automatically by certain processes in FUTURA.
    For instance, you decide to award your supplier with a contract after a price negotiation. At the touch of a button, you can trigger the purchase order in FUTURA, which is then automatically created in SAP in real time. A “green light” is indicating the status, hence the successful processing in SAP. In addition, the order number is transferred back to FUTURA.

  • Simple and quick implementation

    The implementation of the modules for SAP-integration is simple: Rollout and set up of the integration modules are effectuated via SAP transport requests. The integration packages are assembled according to the specified process flow and are usually first implemented into your SAP development system. Following the necessary configurations for the specified process flows and a quality assurance phase, the modules and the adjustments are transferred to your consolidation resp. quality assurance system. At this stage, within the scope of a final inspection, the operational readiness of the SAP-integration is assessed and then released for your own tests.

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