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From Construction works down to lean services: benefit from the supreme discipline

Which services shall be procured and processed digitally? The requirements for a digital process emerge from the answer to this central question. Services procured in combination with deliveries of material, for example construction works, require quite different workflows and structures compared to services that are simply described and billed by using hourly rates (lean services). FUTURA is well-versed in the supreme discipline, the procurement of complex services, and also opens up new procurement opportunities for all other types of services.

The supreme discipline: construction works

When tendering services in the context of investment projects or maintenance, structured, multi-level service specifications form the basis of the procurement process – furthermore, in Germany the GAEB standard is required. The simple and consistent handling of complex services in the context of project and framework agreement business is one of the core features of FUTURA®.

Lean Services are simple services that are calculated by hourly or daily rates. According to the SAP concept, lean services are only mapped in a single-level catalog structure – usually, this is a sufficient structure because the scope of such services (e.g. consultant services) is most often manageable. With all other services, this approach will quickly hit a wall, especially if service descriptions contain several hundred or even more than a thousand items. Those who master the supreme discipline of service procurement can also handle Lean Services, but not the other way round.

Service types of the supreme discipline
Einsatzbereich von FUTURA: Invesititionsprojekte

Investment projects

The essence of investment projects is the definition of requirements and the planning and tendering of the planned requirements: that is, the classic AVA process. The seamless interconnection with the SAP system also enables construction project controlling in real time, including the mapping of security deposits and offsets.

Einsatzbereich von FUTURA: Instandhaltung


Maintenance (inter alia, for the technical facility management) includes measures for predictive maintenance or also for repair in case of failure. A high rate of framework agreements is crucial to achieving high efficiency because, among other things, it relieves the purchasing department of operating activities.

Einsatzbereich von FUTURA: Kleinmaßnahmen

Small-scale measures

Projects below a certain value limit, which are too extensive or elaborate to put out for tender, are subsumed under small-scale measures. In this context, it is common to apply framework agreements to maintain cost certainty. This not only speeds up the implementation of small-scale measures, but also makes them efficient since they can be implemented detached from the purchasers – up to a specified value limit.

Who relies on FUTURA

FUTURA is used in all industries, where the procurement of services is of high strategic value for business success.

Icon für Branche Chemie

Process industry / Chemical and pharmaceutical companies
Plant construction, maintenance of factory premises

Case Study Bayer AG

Icon für Branche Energieversorger

Energy suppliers and municipal utilities
Infrastructure, pipelines, grid construction

Case Study REWAG AG  |  Case Study Thüga AG

Icon für Branche Messe

Exhibition companies
Exhibition grounds, exhibition halls, locations

Case Study Frankfurt Trade Fair

Icon für Branche Öffentliche Hand

Public sector
The contracting agencies Building construction and civil engineering

Case Study State Capital Wiesbaden

Icon für Branche Stahlindustrie

Steel industry
Plant components, spare parts, construction works

Case Study Salzgitter Flachstahl

Icon zur Branche Transport und Logistik

Transport and logistics
Construction and maintenance, logistics

Case Study Rheinbahn AG

FUTURA® is an alternative or supplement to SAP Ariba for companies that:

  • have a large share of services in their procurement portfolio,

  • rely on sector-specific standards such as the GAEB format for service procurement,

  • are subject to legal regulations, such as the BSI (BSI Kritisverordnung) e.g. the utilities and transport sectors,

  • and which must process their data in EU member states only as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Consistently interconnected

Get to know the FUTURA ® solutions

FUTURA® is a modular collaboration platform with all necessary functionalities for collaborating in the cloud. This means that all stakeholders – planners, consumers, purchasers and approvers – are accessing a common database. The solution FUTURA AVA Cloud maps this entire process. Core processes around tendering, purchasing and billing can also be used as stand-alone solutions.


AVA Cloud

Consistent AVA process around SAP as a digital core

Icon FUTURA Sourcing Cloud

Sourcing Cloud

Product-group-independent tenders for material and services

Icon FUTURA Procurement Cloud

Procurement Cloud

Tendering, ordering and billing of services

Icon FUTURA LERF Cloud / FUTURA Service Entry Cloud

Service Entry Cloud

Ordering and billing of investment measures and framework agreement business

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