FUTURA implementation

Technical project schedule for a quick and seamless integration into SAP

The implementation of FUTURA into SAP is accomplished in standardized steps that contribute to a profitable, efficient and quick execution. The base system check provides a technical foundation for the connection: The delivery of SAP integration packages, the customizing of the SAP-system, through to going live.

Illustration technical implementation

Quality assurance and documentation

Prior to the actual roll-out and the technical project schedule, organizational prerequisites are clarified and documented in functional and /or technical specifications. Clarity for the client lies at the heart of our endeavors, be it a roll out of the FUTURA standard or an implementation of individual expansions for the client – quality assurance requires documentation. In the case of the standard scope of services, we use the standard test scenarios prepared by Futura Solutions. If expansions are being introduced, the standard scope of services is updated accordingly. First, we examine the connection on the client’s side and use the aforementioned test scenarios. After successfully completed tests, the documentation needed for an independent integration test is handed over to the client. The integration test covers functional interface tests aimed at verifying the operational readiness as well as the inspection of any customer-specific expansions or software developments. After acceptance or release within the Q system (quality assurance system), come the transport into the P system (productive system) and the customizing therein.

Basic system check

A preliminary technical workshop (basic system check) is being hosted in order to clarify the technical requirements as well as customer-specific settings and specifications. The results of this basic system check are recorded in a detailed protocol. This lays the foundation for the basic customizing.

 Transport requests

The FUTURA-modules for SAP-integration are subsequently imported into the client’s development system via the so-called SAP transport request. From this system, the integration modules are later transported into the quality assurance system and also into the productive system.

System connection

The task now is to securely connect the client’s SAP-system to the cloud-based FUTURA-application. For this purpose, clients have their particular guidelines that must be followed. Establishing communication channels between the systems via VPN tunnels or SSL encryption and other security mechanisms – all are core competencies of FUTURA.

Basic customizing

Within the scope of basic customizing, the SAP system settings are configured according to the required business workflows. During this stage, specific document types are created and the message control is configured accordingly. At the same time, the basic settings for web service communication are implemented and the service definition is assigned in SOA management.
Extensive documentation will enable you to make the settings and undertake the customizing yourself. Or even easier: Our experts who also develop and implement customer-specific expansions will support you.

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