Smart SAP integration

The quick way to your goals is via the shortest bridges – this also applies to SAP

FUTURA® is an flexible out-of-the-box application: Log on with a browser and you can get started. With regard to SAP-integration it is quite similar. That means: deployment of transport requests into your SAP ERP-System, configuration and it’s done.

Going live in 4 steps

Well-defined processes – supervised by a structured approach

Faster and more efficient processes are not just a result of working with FUTURA. We aspire the same while preparing you to get started. With our well-defined modules of consulting, implementation, introduction and subsequent support, projects can go live quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.


Smart SAP-integration

SAP-integration does not necessarily have to be time-consuming and resource-intensive. We are always happy to prove that: FUTURA is ready for usage within a few weeks. This is possible owing to standardized modules for SAP-integration, whereby we implement client-specific expansions and adjustments.

Operating FUTURA correctly

Instructions and training

Training material

The extensive training material is organized in role-specific categories. It makes users familiar with basic functions in the corresponding software areas.

Online trainings

Role-specific, standardized training courses allow room for practicing to consolidate knowledge. Individual training courses to deepen the knowledge usually follow within four to six weeks.

On-site training

In most cases, user or train-the-trainer courses on-site can be useful. Processes and entries for example, can be trained most effectively while having access to the own SAP ERP-system.

Multilingual lineup

Our support service

FUTURA is being used all over the world. Of course, our support-team is prepared for that and can offer multilingual help. By now, our hotline is offering assistance in six languages.

Support hours:
Mon–Fri 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. MET

Over the telephone:
DE   +49 611 33 460 461
EN   +49 611 33 460 462
FR   +49 611 33 460 463
ES   +49 611 33 460 464
PT   +49 611 33 460 465
IT    +49 611 33 460 466

via e-mail:

Your direct line to us

A FUTURA-expert will gladly answer your questions
+49 611 33 460 300


More information needed? Please don´t hesitate to contact us

User help

You need help? Our support-team will help you gladly
+49 611 33 460 460