SAP-integrated tendering – from materials and lean services through to complex services

Regardless of whether you are procuring materials, lean services, or even complex services such as construction services via the GAEB format, only the use of a digital tendering platform can offer audit compliance and transparency throughout the entire request and tendering process. The advantage of an additional seamless SAP integration is evident in the subsequent processes.

Isolated digital applications

Invitations to tender, submission of quotations, and communication with bidders and suppliers as part of the tendering process are predominantly carried out digitally – even for companies that, as sector contracting authorities, are bound by the requirements of e-tendering. But tendering by e-mail alone is neither transparent nor audit-proof, and there is also a lack of overview (supplier activities and status) and control options during the tendering process.

Lack of a continuous purchasing and tendering process with SAP

Even with the use of SAP Ariba – by way of Ariba Sourcing on the one hand and by way of the Ariba Network on the other – the result is a heterogeneous tendering process. SAP Ariba does not offer a solution for complex services, i.e. construction tenders.

GAEB obstacle in SAP

For the tendering of complex services, such as construction services and the GAEB format, service specifications are usually created in a construction planning system and exchanged with suppliers and service providers in the GAEB format – but in most cases the commissioning of a quotation is done via SAP. Since SAP does not have a GAEB interface, an item with the value of the quotation is usually created for the purchase order in SAP and the item list is attached as a PDF file. The same applies to service contracts in SAP: Often, only the “header” of the contract is created, without the item list. This makes it unnecessarily difficult to check service reports later.

All requirements, from materials and lean services through to complex services, can be processed via the FUTURA Cloud. Decide for yourself where your central purchasing and tendering hub should be located. For example, in the SAP Launchpad or the FUTURA Buyer Portal.


All-in-one tendering process

Start by retrieving purchase requisitions, material masters or contracts from SAP and access master specifications or service masters in the FUTURA Cloud Platform or simply import your service tenders using GAEB XML or Excel.

You start the tendering process with a mouse click and a single sign-on directly from your SAP system via the FUTURA Cloud. You also have access to around 60,000 suppliers in the FUTURA Network: Your selected suppliers automatically receive their access data for the FUTURA Supplier Portal.

There they can view the tender and submit their quotation. Each individual step of your suppliers is displayed in the form of status messages, allowing you to always maintain an overview of the tender process. Received quotations are automatically displayed and evaluated in FUTURA in a customizable price comparison list depending on your requirements.

For further processing, you transfer the quotations to SAP. If you have tendered complex services, the entire item list is transferred to SAP and created there as a service purchase order (item category “Service”) or a service contract (value contract or quantity contract). In the case of an order, the billing or service entry can thus take place transparently at service line level or may also be created as a contract in SAP.

Advantages of SAP integration in the follow-up processes

  • Order confirmation via the FUTURA Supplier Portal

  • Reporting of services rendered by your service providers in self-service, as the order specifications are available in the FUTURA Supplier Portal

  • Invoicing of call-offs in self-service by your service providers, since the contracts are also available in the Supplier Portal.

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