Get your purchasing moving with SAP S/4HANA –
Best of Breed or Best of Service instead of All-in-one

Technology made today for tomorrow

SAP OData services combined with our microservices software architecture. High-performance, flexible and highly scalable

Better user experience

One interface, x systems: Fiori apps stay in the SAP backend world – our FUTURA apps operate in S/4HANA and the FUTURA Cloud.

Public or private cloud

Fully flexible in different cloud scenarios: Determine yourself in which environment the FUTURA Cloud Platform should operate

Microservice architecture

If flexibility and speed matter in business processes, microservice architecture has a special role to play. With the FUTURA Cloud Platform 2.0, we are replacing monolithic user development with a modern service-oriented concept. The advantages of this are not only evident in the faster provision of stable services for IT, but also to every user in a user experience via apps.


“Redesigning user experience in companies” – with this catchphrase, SAP alludes to the Fiori user experience, which is intended to reshape the way users work in companies. We are also taking up these technological possibilities of SAP and developing our own FUTURA app framework. This makes it possible to operate S/4HANA as well as FUTURA via a common interface and the FUTURA Apps via a single sign-on (SSO). The data access of the FUTURA Apps is carried out by using the same technology as the Fiori Apps, i.e. via the so-called OData Services. In addition to the FUTURA Apps, Fiori Apps can of course also be used with customer-specific extensions.

Unlike the Fiori Apps, FUTURA Apps also support multi-level item lists - the basis for the procurement of complex services.

Unlike the Fiori apps, FUTURA apps can also be operated via FUTURA, the FUTURA Buyer Portal and other portals.

No conversion in a single massive step is required: FUTURA Apps work with S/4HANA as well as under SAP ECC 6.0 - incl. Single Sign-on

Special security requirements or exit strategy for the use of a cloud platform needed? The FUTURA Cloud Platform 2.0 fits flexibly into different cloud scenarios: whether public cloud or private cloud or even in your own environment (on premise) – you decide yourself.

Data quality

What can companies expect when they switch to S/4HANA, if they want to use the new Fiori interface and process services that require item category “Service” at the same time? Data exchange via GAEB format is not possible in SAP and mapping the procurement and processing of construction services requires a very high level of manual effort – or is left out. The switch to S/4HANA and the new advertised user experience through the Fiori Apps does not change anything: Complex Services are (still) not supported.

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