Cloud Computing

Initiatives and alliances for more security in IT-infrastructures

Cloud computing is an indispensable part of today's business. The higher the share of cloud applications in the value chain, the more important is the subject of cyber security. Interconnected within the framework of various activities and initiatives, Futura Solutions is actively following current developments related to IT-security.

Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security (BSI)

The “Alliance for Cyber Security”, a coalition of all key players in the realm of cyber security in Germany, aims at providing valid, up-to-date information on IT-threats on the Internet. The Initiative, established by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is building a comprehensive knowledge base and encourages information and experience exchange between participants. The platform for cooperation dedicated to the reinforcement of cyber security in the economy.

-> more information about the Allaince for Cyber Security


Menber of „Cloud Services Made in Germany“

The initiative “Cloud Services Made in Germany”, established in 2010, is providing German companies that want to deploy cloud services with a qualified application catalog of German cloud providers. Their goal is to establish more legal certainty regarding the usage of cloud-based services in a rapidly growing market. Specified criteria for data protection and security standards regulate admission to this initiative to which Futura Solutions is committed. For instance, the company of the respective cloud service provider must have been established in Germany and have its headquarters there too. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreements concluded with the company’s customers must also have been created in accordance with German law. 202 cloud providers have already been registered (effective date: February, 2017).

-> more information about the Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany


Basic IT-protection as defined by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

logo_Bundesamt fuer sicherheit_The BSI-standard is a fundamental element of the basic IT-protection methodology. It contains recommendations regarding methods, processes and procedures as well as strategies and measures relating to the various aspects of information security. Since its introduction in 1994, the BSI’s basic IT-protection has been continuously refined and is now regarded as a reference work for information security in Germany.

-> more information about the BSI-standard


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