Advantages of role-based collaboration

All stakeholders – one common database with FUTURA®Cloud

With FUTURA®, there are no work duplicates, only the original. All stakeholders in the procurement chain as well as your suppliers and service providers work together on a common data basis – from the compilation and calculation of requirements, through requests and tenders, to ordering and service entries. Thanks to the cloud-based platform, work and tasks can be shared and passed on smoothly

Collaborative approach to working together

FUTURA® is a modular collaboration platform with all functionalities required for collaboration in procurement in the cloud. Contracting parties and contractors are interconnected online. Conveniently in the background: a complete, automatically created document chain in SAP. The advantages of process integration are particularly evident in the procurement of capital goods, with the participation of several stakeholders in the work areas of planning, purchasing and controlling.

no media discontinuity

no multiple entries

no double inputs

Streamlined communication

All communication is directly linked to the corresponding process – and no longer isolated in the inbox of an e-mail program of a single person. This improves the overview, ensures the greatest possible transparency and is audit-proof too.

Status messages in the sourcing cockpit inform you about the status of the tendering and bidding process: Have attachments been opened, have requests for quotation been viewed or have bids already been submitted? This enables you to remind suppliers more quickly to submit their bids, expand the group of suppliers, or extend the deadline for submitting bids. You can also use FUTURA to exchange documents with your suppliers or answer questions.


Do you have questions regarding the content of the tender? Post them in your cockpit. The purchaser will answer you immediately via the FUTURA Cloud. In addition, purchasers can anonymize questions and post them on the whiteboard with their answer. This ensures a fair, fast and secure tendering process.


Rely on a traceable documentation of the entire communication. The user and role administration ensures that only authorized persons have access.

Usability and industry-specific standards

Construction work and multi-level service specifications in the GAEB format – this is what FUTURA is particularly suited to. The cloud platform offers various options for creating service specifications and making them available to other process participants without media discontinuity.

Whether master service specifications, framework contracts or completed measures: You can access this data while planning and create your service specifications in FUTURA in compliance with the GAEB standard.


You can easily import the tenders using Excel or GAEB files, if consumers and planners use their own tool, possibly an AVA software. FUTURA is very familiar with this and displays the individual items legibly in a browser for you, your service providers and suppliers.


No costs for suppliers, no software installation: only an internet access is required to connect to the FUTURA Cloud. In case of tenders, you will be informed about the tender by e-mail and will automatically receive the login details for FUTURA to process and calculate your offer online.


You can access the entries and information submitted by your service providers and suppliers. In the future, you will no longer have to enter figures manually and on top of that, FUTURA performs the mathematical check so that you can concentrate on the quality of the service report of your service provider or supplier.

Transparency in case of changes and supplements

FUTURA offers the possibility to run correction loops in exchange with the contracting party until the reported service can be booked as released. Compared to standard workflows, which offer corrections only in the form of deleting and recreating the complete service entry, this makes work much easier for both purchasers and service providers.

In the integrated price database, you can manage any number of prices and several price components for a single item: self-entered basic prices, prices quoted by suppliers for service items, annual contract prices negotiated with bidders, or prices from already completed projects. Customize cost structures for specific projects – with the help of a clearly structured explorer. You can easily reference your own cost structure to DIN 276 or a freely definable cost element structure. Save the planning status in each project phase. This allows you to track and document changes in the course of the project at any time – every change is logged.


Erforderliche Änderungen von Daten, z. B. in einem Nachtragsfall, werden in Echtzeit übernommen und stehen daher direkt zur Verfügung. Nachtragsmanagement und gleichzeitige Abbildung von Bestelländerungen in SAP? Mit Schattensystemen nicht möglich – mit FUTURA ganz automatisch. Behalten Sie bei Änderungen die veranschlagten Budgets revisionsgesichert im Griff.


Necessary changes to data, e.g. in the case of a supplement, are implemented in real time and are therefore directly available. Supplement management and simultaneous mapping of order changes in SAP are required? Impossible with shadow systems – with FUTURA it is possible and fully automatic at that. In case of changes, you can keep the estimated budget under control in an audit-proof manner.

Automated workflows in billing

The online connection of service providers and suppliers to your ordering and invoicing process speeds up the checking, correction and approval of the services rendered. This is because the supplier issues his invoice only after the services rendered or the measurements have been checked and approved by you.

Make negotiated framework agreements and contracts available to the consumers. Purchase orders or release orders based on a framework agreement can be placed quickly and easily – in FUTURA or in SAP. Via the FUTURA Cloud, service providers or suppliers can access the synchronized framework agreement and create their own measurements or invoices.


The online connection to the purchase order and billing process of your customers guarantees you a quick feedback on the services you rendered. Via the FUTURA platform, you can enter your measurements or create your own billing specifications. When doing so, you can for example access framework agreements or contracts, which are synchronized with SAP. Approvers can access service entries and data directly. This saves a lot of time on both sides – thus you get your money faster and agreed payment deadlines are no longer a problem.


Benefit from seamless SAP integration. As soon as you have checked and released the measurement, this is not only documented in the invoice journal, but the corresponding service entry sheets are also automatically created in SAP and the goods receipt is automatically posted. This saves effort and makes conventional invoice verification superfluous.

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