Supplier management

Process and product quality firmly under control: expand your supplier portfolios and relationships with FUTURA

One of the core tasks of the purchasing department is the systematic identification, assessment and development of suppliers. With FUTURA, suppliers and service providers are seamlessly and immediately integrated into the business processes. Consequently, you have a direct line to your suppliers − and vice versa.

Registering and assessing suppliers

Expand the circle of already familiar suppliers with FUTURA. Gain access to 60.000 already registered, active suppliers in the FUTURA-cloud. Assess your own suppliers and also those at disposal in the FUTURA-cloud in case the already available information about the particular suppliers is not sufficient.

Creating and updating framework contracts

Your task is to create framework contracts, to request price information, to negotiate prices, and to keep the framework contract with its price agreements up-to-date over time? FUTURA is providing the adequate solution for this task. You can create your framework contracts by means of various data sources: Access the stored master item lists or master material files, or import GAEB-files or Excel-templates. Release the request as a so-called blanket (without prices) or with predefined prices which your future framework contractors can modify by entering a discount or a surcharge. Manage framework agreements in FUTURA or transfer them as contracts to SAP. FUTURA is offering you a flexible basis for all your process cycles.

Activity and information cockpit

All activities and relevant information are displayed in different cockpits in FUTURA – according to your given authorizations of course. You can adjust the cockpits according to your needs. Display the information that you need and hide or move other information to the background. Status signals and reminders ensure that you keep track of your operation queue.

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Requirement and cost estimation

  • Defining purchase requisitions and requirements
  • Planning service and material requirements
  • Costing and project budgeting

Requests and calls for tender

  • Calls for tender based on GAEB-files
  • Various price comparison layouts and simulations
  • Multistage negotiation rounds and auctions

Measurement and billing

  • Automated billing processes
  • Analyses and und strategic purchasing optimization
  • Audit-proof acceptance of services rendered

Master files for materials and services

  • Entering and maintaining master data
  • Item lists based on the German GAEB-standard
  • Reading material master files and data from SAP

SAP Process integration

  • Standardized modules for integration
  • Unique, real-time interoperability with SAP
  • Simple implementation of the interface

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