Service and material master files

Creating and managing service master files – use improved master data quality as a basis for successful digitization

Flexible workflows provide the basis for streamlining and better controlling procurement processes. The simpler it is to approach upstream processes in a structured way, the greater the potential in each following step of the value-added process. FUTURA is making this easy for you – with a wide range of functions, also covering the specific requirements of service procurement such as multilevel item lists and an outstanding operability with SAP, which relieve you from the task of making many manual entries.

Recording master data

You enter the master data necessary for the procurement process directly into FUTURA – alternatively they can be read out from your SAP ERP-system automatically. This includes organizational data as well as units, terms of payment and vendor data. This information enables you to automatically generate content in SAP via FUTURA, for example, purchasing documents.

Creating GAEB-file based item lists and their transfer to SAP

In FUTURA you can create item lists or import them from Excel or GAEB-files. In the process, Futura supports the guidelines and standards imposed by GAEB such as the multilevel outline of item lists with up to four levels. In addition the creation and management of master item lists and service master files is also possible in that way. A particularly convenient aspect: You can transfer individual service lines from your master service specification to SAP at the flick of a switch. The number range for the service master files in FUTURA can be specified in advance. In FUTURA, you constantly access the master item lists, describe your measures or projects on that basis, or complete framework agreements and contracts. Thus, the interplay of FUTURA and SAP is making a perfect performance out of procurement and purchase controlling.

Reading material master files and data from SAP

Would you like to request and put out for tender material stored in SAP (storage material) and also manage and update info records of individual suppliers? Read this material out of SAP and put it out for tender over the FUTURA-cloud. The info records you selected will be displayed to the respective suppliers. Offers submitted by your suppliers – including the info records – are automatically included in the price comparison lists. At the flick of a switch you can transfer the offers, including all attachments, to SAP.

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Measurement and billing

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