Module Measurement and billing

Service entries online: with FUTURA on the short path to automated billing

Predominantly automated billing related to suppliers – not often the case in service procurement. Tiresome questions directed at consumers are holding the accounting department up for a long time and adhering to discount periods is a challenge. Assessing the actual purchase commitment is difficult, since the details of such orders are not systematically known to the purchasing department. With its approach of treating the SAP ERP-system as the leading system and therefore as the controlling system, FUTURA is opening up new possibilities. Interconnect with your suppliers within the billing process and supply your SAP ERP system with information in order to have the purchase commitment under real-time control.

Automated billing processes

Besides receiving the order generated in your SAP ERP-system directly via FUTURA, your suppliers also undertake the billing of their services rendered independently, over the same route. With the first order, your suppliers automatically receive the access data to the FUTURA-cloud, where they can process your order and their settlements.
In case of a service or construction works order, they enter their measurements and progress reports online. After releasing their input, the appointed approver can access and revise the progress report, i.e. approve, amend or reject. The supplier is briefed on the matter and can then adjust his progress report. After this audit and clarification process has been completed, service entry sheets can be automatically generated in SAP and in addition, attachments and documents can be transferred to SAP or the archiving system.

Control scenarios and acceptance processes

Owing to the one hundred percent digitized billing process, all installed control scenarios automatically take effect. Standard or unit prices are defined by the purchase order and cannot be changed by the supplier. Exceeding quantities or volumes are highlighted in color, in order to keep you informed about possible control necessities. Tolerances specified during the orders provide you with the desired degree of flexibility. The acceptance of services rendered can take place in several stages – just as the value and release limits are specified in your company.

Increase the purchasing volume controlled by the purchasing department and use negotiated framework agreements. Maintain your master service specifications or service master files and transfer them to SAP very comfortably at the touch of a button. Use these service master files subsequently in your framework agreements or contracts, or even in your projects. By using SAP Reporting, you can easily create the required evaluations that render purchasing control possible in the first place. By doing so, you will not only register the frequency of commissioning certain items, but also the different negotiated prices. Thus you get a complete overview of your expenses and consequently have a better negotiating position with your suppliers and service providers.

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