On-premise and hybrid

High-performance with FUTURA®AVA throughout the whole AVA-process and in handling construction projects

FUTURA AVA is the special solution for planning, managing and controlling construction and real estate projects. Available on premise and also as a hybrid solution, it combines an unusually large range of functions with high usability. The efficiency of FUTURA AVA is evident in all project stages. It helps you calculate the earning potential of real estate and control risks.

Modular setup with a deep SAP-integration

With FUTURA AVA, our on-premise application, you can manage construction and real estate projects throughout the whole lifecycle – extensive controlling options allow you to monitor and regulate costs decidedly throughout the various project stages. With the hybrid solution, i.e. in connection with the FUTURA-cloud, you can directly and seamlessly interlink your bidders and suppliers within the AVA-process, resp. within the process of managing construction projects. The interconnectedness of all processes with the SAP-system ensures that all documents required for finance and accounting are stored transparently and in audit-proof form within the SAP-system in real time.

FUTURA AVA has a modular structure. Just like with a construction kit, one can pick the basic functions (tendering, awarding and billing) or add expansions such as project costing, construction and project controlling, object and real estate management.

Developing and calculating

Planning and executing

Usage and maintenance

FUTURA AVA offers you:

  • Highly efficient construction and real estate management solution

    Cost, profitability and overall return calculation

  • Continuous construction project controlling

    Cost planning and control with target / actual budget comparison, exchange of project structures and estimates or budget values with SAP

  • Continuous management and processing of projects

    Address management, document and client management as well as a differentiated management of roles and rights

  • Flexible upgrade options for the cloud

    Supplier connection via FUTURA-cloud for collecting offers

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