Business process integration of two IT worlds beyond simplification

If important functions for consumers, planners or purchasers are missing in SAP and if, at the same time, the SAP system is to be the leading system where the digital core is located, there is no way around process integration. In line with the "best-of-breed" approach, it is important to get the best out of all solutions and to interconnect them by means of a business process integration. FUTURA@SAP ensures a synchronous database and a seamless document chain in SAP and at the same time overcomes many of the limitations imposed on purchasing services in SAP as a consequence of simplification.

Working across system boundaries in real time

Mapping business processes in an integrated manner across system boundaries means: enriching the transaction data of the procurement process – tender, purchase order, billing with organizational data – in such a way that documents are generated in SAP immediately and in real time. FUTURA@SAP ensures a seamless document chain in SAP. No matter which process you are currently involved in as a consumer, purchaser or auditor and no matter what type of service you are dealing with, you can access the SAP system via FUTURA in the same way as with the Fiori Apps, without having to jump back and forth between the systems.

✔ Data consistency in the systems involved
✔ Avoiding multiple data entry
✔ Real-time controlling and compliance
✔ Better decision criteria for controllers and management

Business process integration requires more than simple interfaces

The connection via up- and download of information from files only ensures a data import and export. Data exchange can be initiated automatically on a regular basis at a certain time or manually if necessary. A manual data exchange must also be verified manually, as there is no automatic feedback whether the import or export was successful. This type of interface often lacks data that still needs to be maintained in the SAP system. In addition, changes cannot be made in SAP in this way.

The interoperable work between FUTURA and SAP is based on the automated and interactive triggering of changes in business processes. To do this, FUTURA directly calls function modules in the SAP back end, be it ECC (R/3) or S/4HANA, and ensures a seamless and complete document chain in the background in SAP. Depending on the process flow, various standardized integration modules – single or in combination – from the areas of strategic procurement, operational procurement and procurement of capital goods are used.

Integration modules FUTURA@SAP

Dissolving boundaries

FUTURA paves the way

Overcoming weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths – that is the approach of FUTURA in conjunction with SAP when it comes to service procurement. SAP can do more than just map lean services, i.e. simple one-level services, as envisaged by the Fiori front-end concept as part of the simplification process. The back end can also be used to process the multi-level service specifications that are common in the AVA process, with all of the details. FUTURA makes use of this option in its integration.

Integrated GAEB structures

Service specifications that have been created in the GAEB format are automatically transferred to SAP in order to generate documents for further processing. Thus, the GAEB format is not only the basis for planning, but also for purchasing: purchasers can directly access these GAEB service specifications for their requests or tenders. Quotations based on these specifications and submitted by suppliers and service providers can be compared and the corresponding assignments can be billed transparently, on the basis of the available items.

Easy management of supplements

If a change is required during execution, the purchase order can easily be changed in FUTURA. This change is automatically transferred to the service provider and also leads to an automatic order change in SAP. After final approval of the service entered for the change, a service entry sheet (LERF) is created fully automatically via FUTURA in SAP and the goods receipt is also posted. This means that even in the case of supplements, the commitment in SAP is under control in real time.

Without the straitjacket of simplification

FUTURA offers a user-friendly interface to replace missing functions in the Fiori front-end concept, which no longer allows the control of the MM-SRV component, the module for mapping multi-level service specifications. Services are only mapped as single-level lists comparable to the current mapping of material items in S/4HANA. Thanks to the deep backend integration, FUTURA still allows access to MM-SRV.

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