Tendering, award and billing with SAP: field trial

Service procurement with SAP – A conglomerate of different approaches and modules

SAP and consultants are offering different solutions for service procurement and moreover, for the handling of construction services. The outlined workflows in SAP do work, but at a second glance they reveal a lack of practicality – and they require additional cost-intensive modules such as SAP SRM and SAP SUS.

The process in SAP in detail


Detour via purchase requisition (BANF)

The shopping cart in SAP SRM is needed later in order to release the call for tenders via the bidding engine.

The shopping cart, however, cannot display multilevel item lists such as GAEB-based item lists – therefore the list must be transferred to the SAP ERP system and converted into a BANF. The GAEB-file can be imported into the purchase requisition. The purchase requisition in SAP SRM is moved to the Sourcing Cockpit. From the Sourcing cockpit it is once again moved to another module, the bidding engine (buy side). The call for tenders is released there.

The GAEB-file is only editable online

Since suppliers are generally not supposed to use the same system and the same segment as the buyers, another SAP SRM system or client is set up for the vendors (supplier Side). The submitted offers can be evaluated in the bidding engine. Over the bidding engine, orders can be initiated in the SAP ERP-System.

Manual changes in a document

Order changes, e.g. supplements, must be entered manually in the purchase order document in the SAP ERP-system. After release, the order is transferred to another module, the SAP SUS, placed at the supplier’s disposal. It is here that the supplier can enter the services rendered.

No changes to the service entry sheet

After saving the entry of services rendered, a service entry sheet is created in the SAP ERP-system. The service entry sheet can only be released or deleted. Making changes to the service entry sheet in the ERP-system is not possible. If the service entry sheet is deleted, the supplier has to enter his services rendered again.

Field trial of the solution approach offered by SAP:

Best practice with FUTURA

Service procurement with FUTURA

A alternative with many advantages

Working without bounderies

One platform, one data basis – all stakeholders

Standard of integration

That’s how nothing bypasses SAP

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