Requirement planning

Planning calculating and ordering requirements

While planning requirements, the more comprehensive the access to framework contracts or agreements, the less pressure is put on purchasers in their various operational activities. Prices are negotiated and agreed upon and your compliance process is systematically manageable.

In FUTURA, consumers have different sources or archives at their disposal in order to plan and calculate their requirements: Existing framework contracts or agreements and – in case the requirement can’t be found there – they can resort to the master service specification or the material master file. If a standardized requirement description is not available, the requirement can also be recorded by free-form-text. In addition, data can be imported via Excel or GAEB-files, which are generally used in the special field of construction work.

Specified workflows

The value limit and the source of the scheduled requirements determine the further course of action: Up to a certain value limit for a call-off order, the consumers can order on their own – if a certain value limit is exceeded, the purchaser is engaged automatically by means of a seamless workflow. The purchaser can request new prices or a discount on the framework contract price.


It is especially easy for the consumer when he can share the calculation with the service provider or the framework contract partner. The framework contract partner is invited to make an offer on the basis of his contract, which can subsequently be negotiated and then commissioned.


This is how FUTURA assists you:

  • Relief for the procurement team

    No unnecessary parallel work or duplication of work

  • Higher cost awareness

    Complete overview for necessary control strategies

  • Legal compliance and transparency

    Topical, accurate and und complete process documentation from the beginning

  • Specified support processes

    Automated workflow between planning and procurement

More use cases


Tendering services and material

Contract management

Tendering and setting up framework agreements and contracts

Processing services

Ordering and processing services

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