Processing services

Ordering and processing services

The processing of services - especially construction work - is complicated in many ways: various stakeholders and also fragmented task and process structures make it hard to stay focused and adhere to the fixed terms of payment. Has the service been provided? Are the costs justified? These questions lead to verification processes that are often time-consuming.

Owing to FUTURA, processing and, in particular, the review of rendered services are transparent and simple at the same time, since all is managed online, that is, in real-time. Both suppliers and auditors use the FUTURA-cloud application and are therefore interlinked.

Contract awarding

Contract awardings and orders are distributed via the FUTURA-cloud – and they can be conveyed from your SAP-system at the push of a button, regardless of whether you are commissioning a project, a building measure or maintenance work. Your suppliers are recording the services rendered in the same way: they enter their measurement into the FUTURA-cloud or they begin by creating their own billing list independently. For this purpose they can access a copy of the master agreement or contract that is synchronized with SAP.

Billing and verification

Besides advancing your billing and verification processes considerably, this method is also reliable. As soon as the auditor has verified and decontrols a measurement, corresponding service entry sheets are automatically created in SAP. In addition, the goods receipt is also booked automatically. This diminishes the effort and makes conventional auditing superfluous. You can go one step further with a credit memo procedure set up in SAP, which is automatically based on the released service carried out by the service provider or vendor. The advantage: Due to the credit memo, auditing and manual bookings are no longer necessary – your billing process is streamlined and more reliable.

This is how FUTURA assists you:

  • Self-service approach

    Automatic synchronization of framework agreements accessible online by service providers for the purpose of creating billing documents

  • High degree of process reliability

    Status notifications and feedback from SAP

  • Simple billing

    Online measurement verification via the FUTURA-cloud and elimination of the invoice verification process by the automated generation of service entry sheets in SAP

  • Automatic invoicing

    Fulfilling requirements premises for the credit memo procedure in SAP

More use cases


Tendering services and material

Contract management

Tendering and setting up framework agreements and contracts

Requirement planning

Planning calculating and ordering requirements

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