Digital consistency

FUTURA and SAP – a well-rehearsed tandem

Overcoming weaknesses and exploiting strengths is the approach taken by FUTURA® for the interaction with SAP. As a collaborative cloud platform, FUTURA® overcomes many of the constraints that result from the simplification of service procurement in SAP. At the same time, FUTURA lays the foundation to provide SAP, the leading system or digital core, with all the necessary data to enable a seamless document chain in SAP – and thus to meet controlling and compliance requirements.

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Genuine SAP integration instead of interfaces

Digital consistency between FUTURA® and SAP can only be achieved with good connectivity and real process integration, which we implement by using standardized integration modules. The decisive difference, in contrast to a simple interface (e.g. XML), is that the data exchange is initiated and accomplished automatically and interactively, from within the business process. Advantage: An error-prone, manual data import or export, which is unavoidable when exchanging GAEB formats from or to SAP, is omitted. The advantage of a good connectivity and real process integration becomes evident in a second matter: subsequent changes to already transferred data – an everyday project practice – are no longer a problem due to an integrated change order management. Documents in SAP are automatically and transparently changed via FUTURA®.

Chip für Achtung The simplification of SAP and the FUTURA method

Fiori user interfaces, the new operating concept based on consumer apps, are standard for S/4HANA systems and replace the so far familiar and often less popular SAP GUI principle. The goal is to simplify and personalize the user experience of SAP applications. The SAP function modules (backend) are now accessed via Fiori apps (frontend), which are designed for specific tasks or individual usage scenarios. However, greatly simplified working with the system correlates with significant consequences for service procurement.

The consequences:

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Bridge between technical and commercial processes

FUTURA® demonstrates its particular strengths in its handling of multi-level service specifications and in the GAEB data exchange format which plays a major role in planning, purchasing and billing in the German construction sector. Even tough multi-level structures can be mapped in SAP (for instance via MM-SRV), the GAEB format is generally not supported. The consequence: The partly extensive service specifications must be created manually in SAP, which is often sidestepped due to the great effort that is involved – instead, only aggregated totals are used at overall project level. The “digital core” is thus not attained in SAP. Consistent transparency is missing and the audit options are limited. In addition, a differentiated and traceable entry of services rendered (measurement) is not possible and thus a real-time commitment reduction in SAP doesn’t exist.

These are the focal points of FUTURA:


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