Contract management

Tendering and setting up framework agreements and contracts

Concluding master agreements brings about significant cost and efficiency advantages. If conditions are negotiated only once and are therefore fixed for the contract period, the extra costs of separate tenders are spared and your back is kept free for strategic tasks. Let FUTURA assist you with the contract management.

With FUTURA, you can easily interlink your bidders and suppliers. This allows you to tender a framework agreement or contract conveniently and seamlessly. Incoming offers are gathered in a price comparison list, which can be configured according to your requirements. Display the offers from the different request versions and rounds of price negotiations and simulate the planned result using your own intended requirements. Doing so allows you to track your awarding of contracts and orders in a transparent, reliable way – while the handling of the concomitant communication with the bidders is under audit-proof control.

Interconnected with SAP

At the push of a button you can subsequently transfer the proposals or contracts to SAP – including all related attachments or documents. Specify the master contracts or contracts depending on your process requirements, for example as annual orders or value contracts. In that case, planners and consumers can make flexible use of the described requirements

This is how FUTURA assists you:

  • Optimized procurement

    System-based display and support in concluding framework agreements

  • Convenient offer analysis

    Automated price comparison and transfer of proposals to SAP with all details of the item list – including all relevant attachments

  • Integrated communication

    Audit-proof documentation

  • Seamless workflow

    Convenient access to all contract items for planners and consumers

More use cases

Requirement planning

Planning calculating and ordering requirements


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