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Make FUTURA® the engine for digital efficiency in service procurement

Increase transparency; reduce costs and processing time – away from time-consuming, complicated and paper-based processes towards a digital procurement network where collaborative teamwork is at the forefront. This will facilitate the transition from semi-automatic to fully automatic processes.

Purchase-to-pay becomes plan-to-pay

The success factors for purchasing services include the interconnection of technical and commercial workflows. You can achieve this with a cross-departmental and seamless integration into your SAP system. Flexible processes around the definition of requirements, tendering, ordering, awarding and the invoicing coupled with the acceptance of services rendered play a crucial role. This is what FUTURA® specializes in.


Various stakeholders – a common database

Rely on cost-efficient requirement planning

Keep track of all your procurement processes

Expand your business opportunities over the FUTURA®-Cloud

Benefit from improved compliance and coherent financial controlling

Beyond simplification

Usability and workflows in SAP always reach their limits whenever service specifications are required as the basis for service procurement and processing – in the context of simplification and the Fiori concept for S/4HANA, these limits are reinforced further. FUTURA® bypasses the SAP restrictions by way of an alternative approach. Regardless of which process you are working on as a consumer, purchaser or approver, and no matter what type of service you are dealing with, you access the SAP system via FUTURA® in a similar manner the Fiori apps do, without having to switch between the systems.

  • Standardized instead of simplified service procurement Tendering, awarding, billing of services, both lean services and complex service specifications in the GAEB format
  • Digital consistency in the P2P process Seamless process integration: workflows without error-prone import-export-handling between processes or systems
  • Full compatibility with SAP S/4HANA User-friendly application interface as a substitute for the missing functions for the mapping of services in the Fiori concept
AVA workflows

Integration instead of shadow systems

When large service specifications with a multi-level structure are used in procurement, the “mindset” of the SAP system which acknowledges only “material” and “normal” items reveals its weaknesses. FUTURA® eliminates the boundaries and relies on integrated workflows for service procurement.

Planning, purchasing and billing can be handled so well integrated

The reason why shadow systems are common practice in construction cervices

Construction services – the supreme discipline

The combination of materials and services turns the procurement of construction services into a supreme discipline. When processing such complex services, there is no way around the use of multi-level service specifications, as provided for by the german GAEB standard. The way in which these can be integrated and handled in the operational procurement process is demonstrated by the different approaches of FUTURA® and SAP.

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