Rolling out e-solutions consistently


Between change management and systematic rollout: The level of their implementation and usage in companies varies considerably. Too often a patchwork of stand-alone solutions prevails. The 10th BME eLösungstage symposium focuses on integrated workflows and digital strategies that make purchasing fit for future challenges.

Our main topic:

Digital transformation in service procurement: With the modular cloud solution FUTURA®, Futura Solutions as a specialist exhibitor focuses entirely on the requirements of SAP-integrated procurement and processing of complex services.

Managing Director Hartmut Schwadtke and Sales Manager Hubert Schröder are showcasing various application scenarios related to the framework contract and project business in the FUTURA® cloud live.

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Digital transformation – Roadmap for the purchasing department


Intelligent and end-to-end integrated processes will be the central topic at the 9th BME eLösungstage, which is the meeting place for industries interested in smart purchasing solutions. In addition to the automation of business processes, new operating models will be the main topic. Which strategies enable a successful rollout of e-solutions, how seamless front end and back end applications are changing the requirements for ERP integration and how integrated end-to-end workflows are replacing isolated processes – these topics will be addressed by numerous keynote lectures, forums and workshops.

Our main focus:

Digital transformation in the area of service procurement: As a professional exhibitor, Futura Solutions focuses entirely on the requirements of SAP-integrated procurement and handling of complex services with its modular cloud solution FUTURA®.

Managing director Hartmut Schwadtke and marketing manager Hubert Schröder will showcase the FUTURA cloud live by presenting various application cases from the framework contract and project business to interested visitors of our booth.

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Digital transformation– how can supply chain-managers profit from it?

52 nd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

The BME Symposium, a platform for knowledge exchange and networking, takes a customary look at the major topics related to purchasing and logistics with a mixture of inspiration, best practice, lectures and workshops. What kind of scenarios will arise due to the power of digital transformation that changes supply chains in the economy in a revolutionary manner? Futura Solutions will be one of the exhibiting companies and will provide an answer by demonstrating with its cloud-based solution FUTURA® how to manage a digital transformation process spanning several systems involved in planning, purchasing and billing.

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