Digital transformation

Our vision: Take over at the wheel in the process of digitization

How will our workplace look like in the future? What part will digitization play in it? That which is normal in our private sphere today, is necessarily becoming relevant in the world of business too. Everyone has to deal with digitization at work – and everyone should regard this as a great opportunity to facilitate work and use the possibilities of networking.

Workflows are becoming more complex and daily tasks have to be processed by fewer and fewer employees. This means: Expectations regarding quality on an individual level are rising and it’s getting more difficult to keep track. This issue can only be resolved by introducing systematic workflows and by seamlessly integrating all parties involved in the workflow. It’s a question of distributing work in an intelligent way and yet retaining control over its processing.

Digital transformation is not a magic trick

Digital transformation is not a magic trick, but a process all companies have to undergo, especially the employees. Tasks and responsibilities are subject to change – tasks that previously belonged to the strategic sector are being automated in the operative sector and, as a result, the workload of the various stakeholders involved is changing. This also implies consequences in a different sense: Since the expected level of transparency is rising, pressure is rising too, because work results become accessible in real time. An invaluable tool for the controlling department can be regarded by other departments as an unwelcome possibility to control work results. The degree of task coordination is proportional to the visibility of quality flaws. Digitization also means that every single link in the chain must be equally strong; otherwise the digitized process flow will stagnate.

User acceptance is the key

So what qualities must a work tool have in order to overcome silo mentality and behavior? By facilitating work as far as possible and by creating great advantages, the tool can increase user acceptance. The centerpiece of simplicity and usability – interconnecting all stakeholders with all the different process flows at the same time – only an intelligent workflow engine can do that. With such an engine, process flows are predetermined and the respective rules are set up in advance. Users are thus given strict guidelines for the system; the predetermined “rules” are followed precisely, which ultimately makes working within rather complex structures easy for each individual.

Simplicity in complex processes

This is exactly what we want to achieve with FUTURA. “well integrated”, the idea of Futura Solutions is to already manage tomorrow’s  work today. Interconnect the people involved in your work. Systematically delegate tasks to those involved. Always keep track and control over the distributed tasks. Achieve the greatest possible transparency through well-integrated cooperation – enter the world of digitized work “well integrated”.

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