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10 good reasons for choosing Futura Solutions

There are many good reasons to come and work for us – below is an outline of the 10 most important points in our favor.

Future-proof positioning

The future belongs to cloud-based networking – we are developing software applications that intelligently support companies in their digitization strategy, combined with a well-defined IT-security strategy. We still have a lot on our agenda – grow with us.

Clear orientation

We build upon clear strategic guidelines and objectives, which result from our IT security management system and the defined scope of our ISO certification. Working without detours, redundant steps or protracted consultations is not only the philosophy of our software applications, but also part of our own management culture.

Favorable scope for development

Flexible structures that can easily integrate your own ideas? Quick and reliable decision making? If this is as important to you as it for us, you have come to the right place. We do our best give you the needed freedom of development within a flat organizational structure.


Those who decide, have to bear responsibility and those who bear responsibility, have to decide: Nothing is as challenging as to bear responsibility. With a positive error and feedback culture, we stimulate solution-oriented thinking. We know that this is the only way to create self-reliant work.

Open communication

A convenient working environment requires mutual exchange, openness and transparent communication in both directions, which is why we are setting up staff meetings on a quarterly basis. You can, of course, count on open doors to the management every day.

Having fun together

We gather strength and energy for our daily work from regular, off-the-job events. Besides our Christmas staff party, which we organize at special venues, we also like to get together for barbecuing, sports, yoga or daily table soccer tournaments to free our minds.

Flexible working hours

You decide when to start the work day. We are backing flextime, which enables us to reconcile private affairs and other appointments with daily work routine. Home office is also an option, e.g. when school is closed unexpectedly.


We have a lot to offer in order to make sure that your professional advancement stays consistent with your personal life plans – home office, part-time work during the family phase or attractive additional benefits such as a subsidy to nursery care costs.

Profit sharing

Our goal is long-term, sustainable growth by being successful together. After two years of job tenure in our company, you benefit from profit-sharing: We distribute a significant proportion of the company profits among our employees every year.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is keeping our company alive. Since our employees make our company and our clients a success we help you increase your expertise by way of presence trainings, events, online seminars or training courses.

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