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REWAG not only invests in energy efficiency. The public utility company is now handling its purchasing processes quickly, in a highly efficient manner, and definitely with a better general view. The Regensburg based utility company is using the FUTURA application. A special feature of the application: Workflows related to planning purchasing and billing are deeply integrated into the SAP ERP-system of REWAG.

“REWAG is building a new photovoltaic system”, “REWAG is opening biogas plant”: The energy transition is in full swing which means a lot of work for Thomas Brandl, area manager at REWAG. His department handles the procurement of goods and construction services of all kinds. His team is processing between 150 and 200 tenders per year. At times they have to deal with typical construction works (expansion or renewal of water, electricity or gas pipes), with unplanned measures (incidents, e. g. caused by excavators damaging pipes) or with special projects (such as the reconstruction of water treatment plants, swimming and leisure pools). Since the utilities company is an affiliate of the municipal works Regensburg which is responsible for local transport, workshops, the operation of car parks and a hall used for all kinds of events, Thomas Brandl handles the procurement of construction and other services for them too. Depending on the type of measure, the scope of a tender ranges between 80 000 and 1.8 million EUR. The procurement volume ranges between 24 and 32 million EUR per year.

Bridging system boundaries

As of now, REWAG had been working with two applications simultaneously, the SAP ERP-system and an AVA application. This had the following disadvantages: creating item lists was very complex and time-consuming for the planning department. Offers were submitted on paper and had to be processed manually in order to make them comparable in price comparison lists. Suppliers also handed in their services rendered (measurements) on paper. The consequences: figures for evaluations in SAP were not available and if available, only very late. Therefore, important questions were left open: What are the pending claims of the supplier? How much of the budget is left for further projects?

Futura with its excellent integration into our SAP system is the perfect solution for our processes. Besides saving time in the purchasing process, we now also have a much better overview, which we can benefit from when it comes to price negotiations

The introduction of FUTURA in May 2012 had an impact on many levels. Since then, REWAG has put a number of projects out for tender, carried out a large number of release orders based on framework contracts and handled the same amount of credit notes with FUTURA and the FUTURA-Cloud – “absolutely flawless and highly efficient”, says Thomas Brandl.

As little paper as possible

Thanks to Futura, the planning department now creates only electronic item lists. The procurement process is also carried out electronically by the purchasing department, as is the awarding of contracts. The order, including an item list with all the details, can be created in the SAP ERP-system at the flick of a switch – a great advantage for the controlling department at REWAG. The suppliers submit their offers and their entries of services rendered online i.e. without paper to REWAG. The audit takes place online and is purely web-based, which makes it much easier and faster. Another advantage related to the deep integration into SAP: As soon as the construction department has verified and approved the entries of services rendered, the corresponding service entry sheets are automatically created in SAP. A complex audit in SAP is thus no longer required which helps to adhere deadlines for early payment discounts.



  • Continuous seamless handling

    Combination of classic AVA and a fully automated integration into the SAP ERP-system

  • Transparent analysis of bids

    Evaluation of bids at the push of a button / automated display in the SAP-system, GAEB based item lists

  • Basis for a thorough purchasing control

    Highest possible data quality of all documents in SAP (quotations, orders, contracts, or service entry sheets)

  • Simplified auditing due to early clarified measurement

    Approval of services rendered which were recorded via the FUTURA®-Cloud automatically triggers the creation of service entry sheet in SAP

Project key data
  • Task To provide continuous, SAP-integrated processes for planning, procurement, tendering and billing of construction and services
  • Solution Implementing the FUTURA-application with an electronic connection of suppliers to the FUTURA-cloud and integrating tendering ordering and billing processes into SAP
  • Implementation Roll out: 2012 / Period of implementation: 6 months from kick-off to going live
  • Type of trade Energy utility
  • About REWAG AG The energy supplier is providing more than 200,000 customers with electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water / 400 employees / € 318.8 million turnover (as of 2011)
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