Investment projects

About how purchasing and planning build the bridge for construction project controlling

A consistent, transparent controlling in real time is often difficult. Often the reason for this is the diversity of the systems involved, such as MS Excel, AVA programs or SAP. Media discontinuities are unavoidable here. A bridge between planners and purchasers and a deep integration into the SAP system for a continuous process between the departments involved, which can be verified at any time, provides a remedy.

Challenges arising from the process

Media discontinuities: The first change of plans occurs during the tendering process, which the purchasing department then seeks to negotiate with the suppliers through a series of talks – as from this moment, the quotations of the individual suppliers are no longer comparable, but the service specifications are rarely updated. This results in an initial difference between the planning and the actual status.

Unlimited overfulfillment: Orders are fixed in the AVA program. At the same time, they are registered manually in SAP. However, purchasers only enter the cumulated order values in SAP because creating a set of service specifications with the individual service lines of an order involves a great deal of manual effort. Consequently, unlimited overfulfillment is applied in SAP – an indication that control via SAP is not possible.

Unknown purchase commitment: In the course of construction, the commitments outlined in SAP often deviate from the actual liabilities – a ” construction-accompanying planning” is common, in which controlling is carried out in the AVA program and the actual order fulfillment is not legible in SAP due to consolidation into a lump sum. A transparent and consistent representation of all costs is not possible in SAP.

Consistent AVA process with SAP as a digital core

Process workflow – overview

Planning and tendering
In the planning phase, you can also create your service specifications in compliance with GAEB standards by using FUTURA. Results from external specialist planners and engineering offices can easily be provided in the GAEB format – or you can grant your external partners access to the collaboration platform. Using the specified workflow, the purchaser can access the completed service specifications and submit them for tendering without a manual transfer.

Awarding and billing

When a purchase order is issued via FUTURA, the corresponding document is automatically created in SAP and the supplier or service provider is informed by email that a new purchase order is available on the platform in their cockpit. Using the same cockpit, service providers can easily enter their rendered services or measurements, add estimates of quantities and documents and submit them for verification. As soon as suppliers submit their measurement, the approver can access, approve, amend or reject it – again in real time with the greatest possible transparency. After final clarification and approval of the measurement, the corresponding service entry sheet is automatically created in the SAP system via the SAP integration.

Advantages of SAP-integrated procurement for investment projects

  • Replacement of AVA shadow systems

    Efficient cooperation between initiator and contractor on one platform with a common database, i.e. consistent interconnection of all players on one platform

  • From project controlling to financial controlling

    Seamless process integration – workflows completely free of error-prone import-export handling between processes or systems, including the handling of GAEB-based service specifications in SAP

  • More transparency in data management

    Automated creation of documents for financial controlling in SAP including flexible supplement management – orders can be easily changed in SAP via the FUTURA platform

  • Simple interconnection of suppliers and service providers

    The submission of quotations and the service entry is done via the FUTURA platform

  • Streamlined billing processes

    Elimination of invoice verification through the automated creation and release of the LERF sheets in SAP including credit memo procedures

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