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SAP-integrated tendering – even for complex product groups

Be it the procurement of simple products or complex product groups such as services or even construction work via the GAEB format: only the use of a digital tendering platform can offer audit compliance and transparency throughout the entire request and tendering process. FUTURA also offers seamless SAP integration - the advantage is evident in the follow-up processes.

Challenges arising from the process

Isolated digital applications: Invitations to tender, the submission of quotations and communication with suppliers in the context of the tendering process are mainly carried out digitally – not only in companies that operate as sector contractors and are therefore bound by the requirements of e-tendering. However, email alone does not meet the requirements of audit compliance, nor does it provide an overview (who opened the request for proposal) and control options in the course of the tendering process.

GAEB obstacle in SAP: For the tendering of complex services, such as construction works, service specifications are usually created in an AVA system and exchanged with suppliers and service providers via GAEB format. In most cases, however, a quotation is not commissioned via the AVA system, but via SAP. Since SAP does not have a GAEB interface, an item with the value of the quotation is usually created for the purchase order in SAP and the specifications are attached in the form of a PDF file. If a contract is to be created in SAP, the specifications must first be transferred manually, which is a time-consuming process.

Optimized tendering process with FUTURA

Process workflow – overview

Create your requirements with or without reference to a purchase requisition via Excel or GAEB import or manually, via drag & drop from a contract or from master service specifications.  You can request and tender both materials and services – even complex, multi-level and GAEB-compliant service specifications are possible. You can add further documents such as purchasing conditions or documents assigned to the requirement any time.

Bidders and suppliers can easily be integrated online with FUTURA. In addition to your own supplier pool, which you can upload as an Excel file or read out from SAP, the FUTURA supplier directory is also at your disposal. You can start your tender at the push of a button. Your selected suppliers will automatically receive an email with the login details for the platform. On the platform, they can view the tender and submit their quotation. Each individual step of your suppliers is displayed in the form of status reports so that you always have an overview of the tendering process. In FUTURA, received quotations are automatically displayed and evaluated according to your requirements in a configurable price comparison list.

You transfer the quotations to SAP for further processing. In SAP, a service line is created for each quotation item. In case of a commissioning, the settlement or service entry can thus take place transparently at service line level and you can create a contract in SAP.

Advantages of SAP integration in the follow-up processes

  • enables automated transfer of service specifications created in GAEB format to SAP

  • facilitates the conversion of the tendering result into a purchase order or a contract – without manual input in SAP

  • ensures that transparent billing in SAP by means of service reports for each individual service line

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